Any DIY brides with good ideas?

by DIY wedding planner on December 11, 2011

I have found that with some creative thinking you can do just about anything for your wedding yourself. I want to hear everyone’s crafty ideas that you may or may not be using for your big day! (or someone else’s if you’re not a bride)

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NikkiM?BTB 08/29/09? December 11, 2011 at 7:44 pm

Oh I have DIY ideas coming out my wazoo! lol
- Skip the DJ! Hook up someone’s laptop or an Ipod to the speaker system. You get a 100% personalized list too, don’t have to hear any crap unless you want it! lol
- Invites don’t have to be printed! We’re getting 100 for $80 (instead of the $300-$400 to have them printed) We are buying invites with a design on them and then printing the wording off on my printer at home. It’s cheap, it’s simple and it’s just as pretty! You could even take it cheaper, just buy a bunch of cardstock and make your own design as well.
- Centrepieces and decorations needn’t be professional. There are so many fun creative things you can do so cheap. We bought these GORGEOUS clear glass vases from the dollar store. We plan to float a single flower and a couple tea lights in some water inside of it. In total, 10 centrepieces are costing us $20.
- Locations: Plenty of creative locations that can be inexpensive. Try museums, backyards, parks, libraries, historic sites etc etc. Plenty of these places are GORGEOUS and people don’t even think about them for weddings.
- You CAN get beautiful photos without paying $3000. Check out local colleges. Many of these students are even better than some of the “professionals” out there. They are more creative and are willing to do things for the cost of supplies (i.e. cd’s, photo paper, ink etc). All they want is to be able to include 1 or 2 photos in their portfolios so they can get a job when they graduate. PLUS you control the rights to the photos after. Most professional photogs make you pay extra for the negatives and then still make you sign a contract saying they can use your pictures for ANYTHING they want.
-And of course bouquets. You don’t need to go all out on flowers. Some of the nicest bouquets I have seen are 1, 2 or 3 long stemmed lilies. Simple, inexpensive and gorgeous. You can also go with silk flowers.
- Favours: get some cute plastic baggies at the dollar store (yes, there are cute ones. lol) go to bulk barn and buy a crapload of candy (maybe jelly beans matching your wedding colours) and there you have it! $15 for 100 favours


Amanda December 11, 2011 at 8:08 pm

wow, where to start:

Ceremony: we’re getting married on the beach (no cost here) & using the chairs the condo already has on hand. They’re the white plastic ones, but no one’s gonna remember the chairs anyway. I’m buying bulk tulle to tie a bow on the back of each one. We’re making our own arch with some stuff from Hobby Lobby and along the aisles we are putting a mix of seashells, starfish, and sand dollars. My bridesmaids and I are making our own bouquets and the groomsmen’s boutonnieres with flowers ordered bulk (probably through Sam’s Club).

Reception: I am having the reception at an aquarium–that’s my splurge and by saving money in other areas we’ll have plenty to spend on that. I’m making my own centerpieces: three cylindrical vases of different heights–1 with the table number (a project from the book DIY Bride), 1 with a tiny sandcastle and a goldfish, and 1 with candy. We are adding a song request line to the RSVP cards, and all songs will be played from an iPod and wireless speakers. No crappy DJ or crappy songs, no ugly DJ equipment.

I am also printing my own invites and programs and making my own favors. It will be more fun and I can personalize them as much as I want!

Oh, and I really like the idea of getting a college student to photograph your wedding. Have them bring a classmate so that you have two photographers in case one or the other misses a shot. They should be able to put together a portfolio with work that they’ve done for classes. Have them do your engagement photos as a trial run. I guess that’s kinda DIY. My best friend had to pay *$20* per *4X6* that was ordered outside of their package. She also can’t legally make enlargements of them because they’re copyrighted. Ridiculous!

I highly recommend The DIY Bride book. It is blue and orange and has a pic of a bride holding a paintbrush on the front. It’s got some great ideas in there and has been very helpful :O)


~ultimate_farmer_girl~ December 11, 2011 at 8:13 pm

Things that I did to save money were make my own invitations and programs. Also if you are doing reply cards have them be postcards. Then you get the cheaper postcard rate & that can save you big money.

I went to Michael’s and found my invitations and found pretty paper at some office store to use for my programs. The night that my husband and groomsmen went to pick up their tuxes the girls came over & helped me fold them all.

Also, you can do your own flowers and decorations but I think in the long run it is cheaper to have someone do it for you.


Brand New Bride!. December 11, 2011 at 8:19 pm

I did ALOT of stuff myself some of it worked and some of it didn’t. I do have to be honest though if you don’t have a ton of crafty people to help you it can be very stressful for you. however with that said. I potted white flowers to place in my isle and I painted my monogram on my isle runner (which ended up blowing away) and I had planned on doing my own centerpieces. we had banquet style seating and we were going to alternate a vase with hydrangeas and a vase with a fish and back to hydrangeas and so on. however all our fish died so with like 2 days to go we ended up sinking a single rose in our vases instead to weigh them down we just filled them up with those little clear rocks you can buy at any craft store or walmart or whatever. we bought all our centerpiece flowers at and they were wonderful and very affordable comparatively. out of everything that we did I think the flowers turned out the best.


pandazoogurl December 11, 2011 at 9:01 pm

for my wedding pretty much everything was DIY. The boutonnieres and corsages were made by my best friend. So I can’t tell you how those were done. I made all the bouquets. Mine and my M.O.H. were regular ones. I picked up the bouquet holders at AC mores . They’re in the wedding area. I grab flowers in the colors of the wedding. Our wedding was periwinkle and 2 different shades of lavender. For my bouquet. I put in some white and ivory flowers also. You just cut the flowers down to size. Poke them into the Styrofoam. Make sure they’re the way you want them. Because taking them in and out. Breaks the foam down. When I was finished I tied ribbons to them. For my B.M. I made kissing balls. This was very easy. You wil need styrofoam balls. ribbon. A posterity needle ( is What we used) to put the ribbon through the ball. Take the ribbon pull it half way through the needle . Push the needle through the ball. making a loop. For the girls to hold onto. When i made these it was around Easter time. so I was lucky to find all kinds of flowers in the colors I wanted. Yes the flowers I used. Usually are not in these colors. but they were pretty and what i wanted. I used different shade of purple sunflower like flowers.
We also made the center pieces. We took glass bowls. glues ribbons on the neck of it. Where the seam was. We glued on rosettes. Filled it a little way with small glass stones. put in a voteve holder with a votive candle, Then we had 2 votive candles on the both sides of it.
For the favors we did M&M’s in tulle. That one is pretty self explainable. We also did floral pens. Pen with removeable caps. Work best for this. Use whatever kind of flowers you want. We used one for the bouquests. Floral tape to tape the flowers to the pen. cut the flower so the cap will go back onto the pen. Hold the flower to the pen wrap them together. With the floral tape. Do this a couple of times. leaving a space for the pen cap.
My best friend also made our unity candle. and memorial candle. For the unity candle. She glued on small cyrstals. To decorate the candle holders. I did the samething I did to the glass bowls.
I hope some of these ideas help you. For the memorial candle she add ribbons to show suypport for the cure for each thing our parets had past away from.
my bestfriend also etched champasain glasses for my husband and me and all the B.Ms For the G.M she did beer glasses. It looked reallt nice.


christi.0310 December 11, 2011 at 9:49 pm

What a great question!

My wedding is in 3 weeks time and i am just finalising all my creative things i am doing.

We are having our wedding on a property in a marquee.

I am having my ceremony programs as fans. I dont believe in giving your guests a booklet that they can hide behind and read 15 times word for word, without listening to the ceremony lol! They are heart shaped and double sided with a simple dot point outline of what is happening.

For the reception i am having 4 tea light candle per table and have made my centrepieces. My centrepieces are half a foam ball with a skwer type thing and off that i have winded black wire around it and placed painted stars on the end of them to give the shooting star effect. I have also placed lollypops in the bottom as favours for the guests.

On the dance floor i am having floating balloons, placing helium ballons on the top of plastic balloon sticks.

For food we have got the local butcher doing spits and 3 different salads. For entre we have a friends parents (who were not invited but wanted to help out) making rice paper rolls and we are serving these with fresh peeled prawns and biccies and dips.

For dessert we are having the wedding cake and cheesecakes from the cheesecake shop as well as fruit salad.

We are having the reception 30 kms out of town and have buses organised for the guests. An idea for this is charging $10 per person to help cover the costs.

On the Kids table we have fake tea light candles and their favours are make your own cars and tractors as the children are from farms.

These are just a few of the creative ideas that we are having :) i look forward to reading all the others.


nova_queen_28 December 11, 2011 at 10:39 pm

Here’s the centerpiece that I’m putting together (not all the pictures are great, but it’ll give you the idea).

I’ll add water and either float a flower or candle in it, too:


chinagirlcooks December 11, 2011 at 11:34 pm

Thank you cards! Thank you cards! You can make really cute thank you cards on your own!


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