Any suggestions for an elegant 25th anniversary party?? please help!:)?

by DIY wedding planner on April 30, 2012

I’m throwing an anniversary party for my parents in a couple months. I have already booked a room at a local restaurant my parents love and there will probably be about 30 guests. I’ve been working on coming up with decorating ideas but it’s not as easy as it sounds. It should be classy, elegant, and really beautiful! I was looking for some help in these areas:
flowers- roses, lilies, or…?
mirrors under vases, yes or no?
color scheme? my dad always views silver as an “old” color so there can’t be too much of it, but then again I feel like I should incorporate some because it is their silver anniversary. Plus whats the best look to go with silver, for the cake as well?

I’m planning on having a table that shows their “history.” With their wedding newspaper announcement, invitations, old photos… any other ideas of things to include?

also, we’ve been considering white balloons, but we want it to look classy. my first idea was all white.. what do you think of that? I think we’ll be able to have free range decorating the room, maybe those white round lanterns would look better?

I’m having a friend make the cake and she’s a professional baker so I know it’ll be great but I want to give her ideas for what to have on it. How many tears is good for our size group?

Budget is not a huge issue, but I am a big fan of DIY and can always be found at the dollar store or salvation army, so those sort of ideas are extremely welcome!

HELP PLEASE:) Give me all your party ideas and any stories of your own anniversary party experiences are welcome. Thank you so much!

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Jeff Muscato April 30, 2012 at 6:07 am

I threw a 60th birthday party for my parents about a year ago, so I went through a lot of the same issues.

I hired a party planner whom I’d met when I was in a friend’s wedding. She was excellent—she had numerous ideas about what’s important and what’s not, how to save money, etc.

For decorations, I would avoid balloons; you don’t want it to look like a kid’s birthday party. For the photos, consider electronic picture frames that can cycle through dozens or hundreds of photos. Put the frames throughout the room in places where people can view them but where they won’t get in the way of other stuff. (E.g., put them on tables around the perimeter of the room but not at the bar, where there will be a crowd already.)

For the cake, we had a bakery do a pretty, round cake with a cool “woven” icing design, and they did three sheet cakes with the same flavor and the same woven design. So, we had the round one out all night for people to see (and for my parents to cut) yet the staff were able to cut up the sheet cakes and serve them on plates as my parents were cutting theirs.

Feel free to update your post or email me with further thoughts. Here’s the Facebook group with photos from the party so you can look through them for ideas.


saneyaya April 30, 2012 at 7:06 am

I think you can combine a pale turquoise w. white, and use silver accents. Your father will probably like the turquoise, and the combo will be elegant. I would do the cake all white, and feature it on a turquoise tablecloth. You can use silver ribbon on the favours, if you are having any.


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