Any suggestions on a camping themed wedding?

by DIY wedding planner on February 6, 2012

I’ve decided to have a camping themed wedding (me and my husband-to-be LOVE camping). Does anyone have any good ideas for a menu, favors, flowers, decorations, etc? Our budget is really small (round-abouts $4000 for 50 people) so I’m prepared to be doing a lot of DIY-type stuff.
Not a formal event – I’ll be wearing a wedding dress but it’ll be a short one. We’re going to be doing the ceremony and reception at a campground, I just need ideas for a menu, favors, flowers, decorations, etc.

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TwistedxKiss February 6, 2012 at 6:09 am

How formal are you going? Maybe you could get married on a camp site or something? I am trying to think of a way to fit s’mores into the reception without it being a mess but it’s not working in my head very well. XD Maybe little bags of mini marshmallows with some individually packed graham crackers and funsize hersheys for your favors? People probably won’t actually make smores with them but it’d be tasty and camping themed.


Koala_Girl February 6, 2012 at 6:16 am

Congratulations! That’s a good theme to save a lot on your wedding expenses. At least you won’t have to worry about fancy hotels, ice sculptures, expensive gourmet foods and stuff such as that.

Menu: Choose the kinds of foods that you would normally take on camping trips, because they’re easy to prepare or don’t spoil easily… BUT..put a nice twist by adding a few special ingredients to the dishes to make the “ordinary camping food” become more special. Make them taste a little more gourmet than just plain camp food.

Favors: It has to be something outdoorsy, or nature-themed…or camping-themed, as you would have it. Perhaps small potted plants with a nice bow around the pot…. or a bottle-opener with a heart accent (like this one: or personalized paper weight rocks (… or even seeds in small packets (these ones are at only $0.95 each…

Decorations: The good thing about camping is that you don’t have to put a lot of fancy decorations. You can even have no tables or chairs at all. The bride and groom can sit on a nicely decorated log or large rocks (so you are a little more elevated and visible to the rest of your guests). For the guests, you can put blankets on the grass, where the guests can sit and eat at the same time, like a picnic. You can look for nice rocks you can clean and use as part of the centerpiece, then you can also put flowers on them. Or maybe put them in tin buckets (you can paint the exterior of the bucket with your motif color…or simply tie a nice bow around it).


Rosy February 6, 2012 at 6:59 am

You should decorate with white crepe paper, which will be easy to clean up afterwards.
For the menu, think of good camping foods, such as s’mores and meals you can wrap in foil and cook over the fire..
You should spend part of your budget to hire a blue-grass or folk type band, to add to the festive spirit.
Have fun! Your idea is really cool.


savannie_08 February 6, 2012 at 7:09 am

well i think best in order of events so here i go…
-at the end of the aisle you could have a ton of candles framing around where you’ll stand, or if you want to go all out have a standing arch with flowers in you colors (to keep costs down make sure the flowers you choose from are in season)
- wedding program: either way id do DIY something simple- one sheet in a subtle color of your choice and leave it like that , or roll it up and type it together with cheap, but pretty, ribbon and stick those in a basket for guest to pick up as they go to their seats
-sunblock: you could rent large umbrellas to place over the seated area in case of sun like these:
or you could give them individual paper parasols (it would be costly, but would double as your party favor
————–these are not necessary,but are good incentives———-

table set-up/decor: for centerpieces you can go to a florist, but i’d 1st check out your garden for filler flowers, like hydrangeas and then you could add extra things like branches coming out of the top, or limes in the vase, or you could just put them in a silver bucket from the dollar store/ dollar tree. Another option would be to buy tons of baby’s breath and put them in a vase and then tie a ribbon in your choice of a color around the vase into a nice bow. Just play around with cheap/yet elegant filler flowers until you find something you like.( if you need inspiration just google image whatever flower you choose and add centerpiece to the end. here are some websites with filler flowers:

-LIghting: i know that lighting isn’t probably the first thing you think of when it comes to decorating your reception, but nothing can hurt a beautiful wedding reception more the florescent lighting. Good lighting really sets the right tone, so if you can spend the extra money on up-lighting i’d encourage it. But if you can’t don’t worry candles, and christmas lights are also great for this too, just gather up all christmas lights you have, your parents have, your friends have, your neighbors have,… you get the picture. DON’T buy any lights until you’ve exhausted your resources, almost everyone has christmas lights, and if you give them some heads up, and ask nicely there really is no reason you should have to buy new ones. One last addition for some lighting would be lanterns like these:

- Food if you and your family want to make the entire dinner the night before great!!! However, along with everything else you’ll probably have to do that might be a bit much, i think that this is the time that you can call in a caterer
- cake/dessert: a wedding cake is traditional, but if you want to try some

- Favors: here are a couple ideas
~ baby tree(seedlings), or any other plant wedding favor
~wild flower seeds
~chocolates, maple syrup, candle, candle holder, ect

I really hope this helps
sorry for all the spelling errors,i know there’s a ton of them i’m writing this at like 4 in the morning

good luck with everything!


Alok S February 6, 2012 at 7:16 am

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leahchattam February 6, 2012 at 7:17 am

That’s such a cute wedding idea! It’s so good to see weddings that have a great deal of personality into the theme! Have you seen Rustic Elegance Adirondack Chair Favors? They would be perfect for your camping theme! Take a look at–set-of-4–.html

I hope you have a great wedding! Enjoy :)


.:Sad Eyes:. February 6, 2012 at 7:55 am

I saw a camping themed wedding not that long ago on a show called “Who’s Wedding is it Anyways”. Their invitations were fairly simple and the bride did them herself. She bought like a brown toned thick paper printed the info with her own computer and then decorated with small things like tents, trees, fish, etc. For center-pieces, she used like pots and put natural flowers that were from the campsite that she was getting married in. Also, the arc under which they got married, they got branches from trees and made it themselves and just decorated it with white lights and flowers. Every tree around the reception was lighted wiht white lights


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