Anyone else on here having a high-end wedding?

by DIY wedding planner on June 5, 2012

As much fun as it is to give my opinion’s or advice for the majority of wedding questions on this board, I have been searching high and low for other brides that are having a high-end event. I am searching for other brides that I can get ideas from about things such as centerpieces, charger plates, etc. Before anyone can be quick to think I am looking down my nose at other budget’s, I simply am looking beyond DIY projects..I don’t need them. If you’re having a wedding budget that exceeds $100k, please respond and give me an idea of how your wedding turned out. Please tell me what worked well and what didn’t. Thank you for your time. :)
EDIT: I have 3 coordinators. However, they simply go along with whatever I want. Because of this, I would like to get advice from other brides.
Thanks for asking for more details. And not sure why someone would thumbs down you??? At least you’re taking the time to ask more details. :) We aren’t having a “theme”, just a wedding. The style is elegance. The main color I have chosen is a rich hue of purple. The second color (which I am using quite sparingly, is gold…not at all overdone, in fear of it looking like an LSU wedding. lol.) Instead, the bridal party will be wearing a gold bracelet, pearl and gold earrings, and a gold necklace. The main flower choice that I have is to use a lot of gardenias. Because it was suggested to me by the coordinators to pick complementing flowers, I asked that lavendar roses be used as well, and some sort of dark blue flower. I asked that a “crystal wedding tree” be made and placed near the champagne station. I am thinking of having large centerpieces w/these types of flowers, large branches to hang crystals, and candles. Flower budget is $15k, but don’t really know what to do with it.
*hey ladies…let’s keep the thumbs down to ourselves on this one, if we can. these gals are just trying to help.*
*Wow!! Y2…you really have some fantastic ideas!! Thanks so very much to you and all of you ladies that are taking the time to give me your fabulous ideas and feedback. I will definately check out The Knot to see if I can find that other high end bride in Las Vegas. Great idea!! Keep the ideas flowing…it’s really helping. :)

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choccas June 5, 2012 at 5:44 am

Hire a planner.


y2-y1 June 5, 2012 at 6:07 am

Well, tell us your overall color scheme and theme (if you have one). I know it’s at the Bellagio, but that’s about all I know.

Who would thumbs down me for asking a simple question?

THANK GOD YOU DON’T HAVE A THEME!!!!! I hate that more than losing my life (that’ll get the thumbs down for sure).

OK – with your colors and Style, ask for purple orchids. They will really fill out a large bouquet, are totally gorgeous, and will go great with gardenias. Ask for a glass trumpet style vase, tall, so people can see each other under it. – don’t let them talk you into gold, that would be too much. Ask that the vases be striped in a very small gold line (like a circle) around the vase – two or three should be good. Just to carry the gold theme through. Include some of the crystal branches in these arrangements giving it a “draping” effect.

Lavendar roses are nice – but true lavendar roses don’t last very long and will brown on the edges quickly. Use sparingly. Google alstromerias. They come in purple, cream, white and can really bulk up an arrangement because they come with their own greenery. DO NOT let them fill these up with leather leaf or babie’s breath – ick. Gardenias and orchids are not “leather leaf and baby’s breath” flowers. With 15k, you should be able to get what you want!!

This way, you could use a gold charger with a clear plate (my favorite, if available) or white china would be nice and a purple napkin with either a gold stripe or edge. Use a white or cream linen for the table or you might wind up looking LSU. But, with the purple on top in the napkins and flowers, wow – what POP!

Hope this helps and hope you like the idea!!

Oh and for all you naysayers – no way could I afford this type of wedding BUT I would totally do this if I had the $$$$$. Yeah!!!! I get to live vicariously through PlatinumBride2Be!!


fkntcbills June 5, 2012 at 6:13 am

Well I know you are looking for someone to answer that is having a high end wedding, but I have some ideas. You definitely need a theme. Mine is beach mostly seashells. They are really easy to work with. Bouquets made entirely of seashells. Also bells instead everyone hitting glass when they want you to kiss. Their are some beautiful bells. I’m getting married on the beach and have decided instead of bubbles which is some kind of fertility ritual I decided to have everyone rings bells instead, then they can bring them to the reception… I found a poem that you can use with bell. Ring me loud for I’m a bell I;m here to wish the couple well, when you see the bride and groom appear my tinkling sound is what they’ll hear, Bring me to the reception to, so they may share a kiss for you….
Use your imagination. Once you have a theme and color scheme, the rest will fall into place…. Good luck.

Sounds like your doing a wonderful job all on your own. Plum Purple very elegant, Your wedding is going to be beautiful. I’m sure.
Good luck and congrats.


Garnet Glitter June 5, 2012 at 6:13 am

I really like your theme…it’s “Wedding”…..good luck.


Tati June 5, 2012 at 6:52 am

I think 15k is a lot of money for flowers. You can do so much. I have this florist that does great amazing job. Here is her website..


jacobella June 5, 2012 at 7:33 am

We used a graphic designer for our invites…everything tied in beautifully….we had her design a crest with our initials, and this featured throughout on the table name cards, the thank you’s ( which were printed with a photo of us on our wedding day).

We also did a few things differently…..instead of the usual placecards, we had wine charms that went on each glass. The first had the guests name…and the second had a personalised message. There was a crystal attached as well…a touch of bling!

We sourced crystal perfume bottles for the ladies…and wine stoppers for the male guests.

The venue was very important to us…..the Opera House and Sydney Harbour bridge in full view….you get what you pay for with food and service and it was worth it! Every cent!

Vintage cars….and musicians were also part of our day….we had a jazz trio at the reception but a string trio at the church ceremony and for the pre dinner drinks on the terrace. ( over looking the harbour).

It was our day ..and we treated our guests to everything beautiful…

and my shoes were devine…..Italian and handmade….over $1000 but I plan to wear them every anniversary…..and they were pure luxury to wear….my husband adores them too!

We didnt actually spend $100 K….we had a small wedding of intimate family and friends….not a big crowd ( 45) but the day was very high end.

If you want to impress…go for the small details.

Thats what stands out…that and the service and food at the reception.

People always remember two things…what the food was like..and how they felt on the day…we wanted our guests to have fun..feel spoilt and part of the celebrations.

It was a great day!

And we didnt ask for gifts….we wrote ” your presence would be the perfect wedding present” on the invites.


brwneyes June 5, 2012 at 8:28 am

Well, I didn’t have a platinum wedding persay, but ours wasn’t cheap. One of our close friends did. Two of the coolest things that they did at their wedding was have a guy with a saber open up a magnum of champagne for the champagne tower. He also had a bar carved from ice with their initials on it. The top of the bar had an ice martini thing so you could pour the liqour down it and it chilled before it got into your glass. It was very cool. Here is a picture:

We did get letterpress invites-which are very in and aren’t exactly cheap. Here is where we got them from:

You might also try joining There is one particular bride on there that had a pretty high end wedding in Las Vegas at The Wynn. You can browse the Vegas knotties list and check her bio out for ideas.


flowersdrum June 5, 2012 at 8:36 am

I’m a professional florist who does high end events. have you considered using orchids with your gardenias, they would look great. Gardenias can have quite a strong fragrance. You may love it but hundreds of them can get somewhat overpowering. have you met with your florist personally or are you letting your coordinators handle it? I’d suggest meeting with her/him personally and asking for her/his input.

I’d advise you against alstromeria, they’re cheap flowers and everyone knows it. Your lavender roses will be fine as you don’t need them to last forever, just a day remember. Depending on the shade of purple/lavender you’re using dendrobium orchids (white, deep plum & verigated), fresh lavender flowers. lisianthus… there are tons. a good site to look at different flowers and see what colors they com in is click on “flower gallery” in the left column, then you can pull up different flowers by type or by color. Enjoy the process.
Your venue will determine a lot of the details as well. What type of linens have you chosen?


grammie June 5, 2012 at 8:58 am

Your wedding sounds wonderful , I’m am so happy to hear from someone who isn’t asking for Used ” wedding stuff ‘ It doesn’t matter if your wedding is costing thousands of dollars or just just hundreds, But please don’t ask for ” used things” You can make any wedding beautiful, on a budget. I love Gardenias, but they do tend to welt and turn brown. You can also use pale pink and cream roses with the lavender roses. Raw silk table linens in cream, with Lavender napkins would look beautiful too. I believe cream is a more formal and soft color oppose to white. White can be too stark. Well Good Luck with your wedding, You have some great idea’s coming your way.


Lingri June 5, 2012 at 9:46 am

Buy Preston Bailey’s inspitations book. But my advice, If you need to go into yahoo anwers for ideas, you need to fire your three coordinators and find a good one.


bridetobe June 5, 2012 at 10:12 am

I’m having an elegant wedding as well. Our colors are black, white, and apple green accents. So we are having all white flowers.

Although our flower budget is 1/2 of yours, your mention of “large branches” prompted me to respond. We are having 1/3 of the tables at the reception with branches of blooming white flowers (in March) of cherry blossoms, which should be in season for my March wedding. The other tables we will have short centerpieces (so guest can see across the table). On all the tables, there will be a tons of various size candles. (I can’t wait to see it alll come together)

I wish I could use gardenias, but my fiance is allergic to everything that grows from the ground, and their scent is so strong. :-) We are using lilies, roses, stephanotis, bells of ireland, sweet pea, & freesia. With your budget 2x mine, you should be able to use the orchids. And I might get a thumbs down for this, beware that $15k on flowers can be spent in a blink of an eye – after talking w/ a florist you’ll get an idea. Maybe mine just charges so much for her experience, I don’t know.

Happy Planning!!
(and I know how you feel about the wedding coordinators, mine doesn’t do anything really until about 2 months before the wedding, I’m still the decision-maker)


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