Are you getting married on a budget?

by DIY wedding planner on May 24, 2012

What advice or tips would help you? What challenges are you facing or finding the most difficult? I have a blog that helps brides getting married on a budget-, featuring DIY tutorials and wedding planning advice, but I’m running out of ideas. What would you like to see or learn about?

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countrygirl84 May 24, 2012 at 6:16 am

I did my wedding on a $500 budget. That included My dress, bridesmaid dresses, food, decorations, chairs tables, entertainment and everything but the rings… which my husband had a $200 budget for. The most difficult part for me was the dress. I had my wedding in July, so all the prom dresses were on clearance. i bought a White prom Dress that was originally $395 at JCPenney for 95% off. I paid like 29 bucks for this dress. Then I had a family member who is knowledgable with sewing alter it to my preferences. People I talk to and are getting married are looking for creative dress ideas. no one wants an original off-the-rack design anymore. ideas on where to find other dress options would probably be good. Also, the food was tricky for us and we found lots of ways to save there. Like asking close family o bring a dish. They were more than happy to do this for us. You could also talk about the benefits of doing a wedding and reception in one spot. saving time, money and sanity. That helped us bigtime. Asking around saved us the biggest chunk of change, While I do photography, I couldn’t very well take pics of myself during my wedding so I tutored my Mom for a month in advance with my camera and explained to her exactly what i wanted. Teach people to look for friends and family for help. I had an AMAZING wedding for $500. It was thanks to the help of people we know lending a hand.


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