Buy or make our own wedding invitations?

by DIY wedding planner on May 30, 2014

Will it really save us money if we want to go the route of making them ourselves? We want to have two or three layers of cardstock, probably (I can’t think of what it would be called) not folded, but just one piece that you don’t have to open to read. ??? It’s late, I can’t think straight. lol

We are both creative and crafty and have other people around us that can help. We have looked at invitations online and have seen ones that cost around $150-$200 for 100 that we like.

Should we make our own to save money or buy some to save the effort and time (we will have time to do it ourselves)?
Derek E: If the invitations we send out are going to effect whether or not some people are going to attend our wedding, they are obviously not our real friends and they wouldn’t be there for the right reasons.

That’s silly. No one that is on our guest list would not come because they received a homemade invitation by the bride and groom. If anything, I think that would make them feel like we wanted them to be there even more, to have sent them a personalized hand-made one rather than a store-bought one that has no personalization to it at all.

That is not the reason we are trying to decide whether or not to make them or buy them. READ THE QUESTION BETTER NEXT TIME!!

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tonalc1 May 30, 2014 at 2:23 pm

If you’re willing to take the time, I think handmade invitations are nice. Plus, it would be a nice get together for you, your fiance and your friends.

I like receiving handmade invitations. Even though I know the same invitation is going to a lot of people, they make me feel special.


Derek E May 30, 2014 at 2:40 pm

Buy some. Bought ones will always look better than ones that you did yourself. Be professional with them. It may affect attendance.


roeskats May 30, 2014 at 3:09 pm

I think home made invitations are great. Just make sure you have the time. You don’t want to turn a special day into a chore. Allow friends to help. One suggestion is make sure what ever size card stock you choose is conducive to an envelope that it will fit in.
Good Luck..


fuzzyblue May 30, 2014 at 3:30 pm

buy. a wedding takes a lot of time and effort- saving a few dollars is not worth the number of hours it will take to put your invites together. putting together an invitation is never as easy as you think it will be. i am a crafty person and i bought my invites. i ended up running low and i had to make a few extras myself. i created different invitations and chose a simple design. i had to fashion my own maps, format, print, cut, paste etc. it took a lot longer than i had expected- especially creating the maps! in addition, the ink from the printer bled all over the card stock that was part of the card and i had to do a plan b (buy more paper, reformat etc). if you go to some wedding message boards you’ll see that a lot of brides and grooms struggle with DIY invites. i wouldn’t waste 10 hours of time to save 200 dollars. oh yea, and sometimes you don’t even save money at all! especially if you go fancy.


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