Can anyone tell me the name and/or artist of this painting, please?

by DIY wedding planner on September 6, 2012

I saw this painting today and I really liked it. I obviously want to know the title and/or artist of it. I’ll try my best to describe it. It was a wedding scene of the head table with the bride and groom sitting in the very middle. There were guests sitting on their sides on the same long, white table. They were outside on the grass in front of a big white house. There were some trees beside the house. It was a sunny day and the colours were bright. I only saw a picture of it so I can’t say how big it actually is. I’m pretty sure it was a copy unless it’s an original of some unknown, indie painter. In that case, this question is pointless. But I hope someone out there knows of this painting, I’ll really appreciate it if someone could help me. Thanks!

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Frenchie September 6, 2012 at 5:31 am

You haven’t said what genre, but the picture that springs to mind is Albert Fourié’s A Wedding Banquet in Yport. – it has bright colours, but the white house is set quite far back

If you were thinking of something more classical, it could be Tintoretto’s The Wedding Feast at Cana,-c.1545.html

Or Henry Andrews The Wedding Feast (but again, the white house is very distant)

Hope one of these helps


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