Can I wear a knee length wedding dress? And would it be cheaper if I do everything DIY for my wedding?

by DIY wedding planner on January 22, 2012

I plan on getting married possibly next year or the year after. The other day I picked up a Martha Stewart wedding magazine that is all about DIY stuff. Its all very easy and inexpensive. Its basically the decorations, centerpieces, makeup, hair, and cake. If I do DIY on all of those things will the over all cost of my wedding be cheaper??

Also, I really don’t want a long fancy wedding dress. I want something simple and knee length. I want to keep my wedding semi casual and basically have the focus be on my fiance and I and our love for each other. Although he is going to be wearing his military uniform so he will be very formal, so if I wear a knee length dress will that be too informal?
btw we are aiming for an August wedding so summer, or possibly June. I live in a very small town so there aren’t very many weddings here at all.

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Forever Mine January 22, 2012 at 4:57 am

Doing everything DIY is extremely cheaper. I’m saving a TON by doing it that way i’m spending $80 roughly on flowers( i’m having a ton of silks) instead of $400 + ( i’m having orchids and lilys instead of roses so more expensive).

On the dress, I think a knee length dress would be cute next to his military uniform, just make sure its not to casual. I got a simple floor length dress and i’m kinda wishing I would have gotten a knee length instead because of the heat.


MARJORIE January 22, 2012 at 5:02 am

I think a knee length dress would be lovely, and if you could manage to make everything else yourself that would certainly be a lot cheaper……………..


aspasia January 22, 2012 at 5:49 am

Although nowadays a bride is thought very clever and innovative to do things “DIY”, traditionally that was the only way weddings were done — and in those long-ago days of the sixties, seventies, eighties and even nineties; weddings did tend to have the focus on the bride and groom and their love for each other. So, what you are proposing is both tasteful and wise.

A simple knee-length dress is also tasteful and wise. Quite honestly, a full white ball-gown with train belongs at a debutante ball more than anywhere else, and it is only society’s willingness to indulge the bride that lets so many girls get away with it in the most inappropriate circumstances. You will look charming on the arm of your very formal serviceman — and you should know that a knee-length dress with hat, gloves and pearl jewelry is considered the MOST formal correct wear for daytime. That is how even the Queen or a President’s wife dresses for daytime occasions of state. Evening dress is proper only after six o’clock.

My one caution is that you not get carried away with too much DIY enthusiasm. Centerpieces and decorations are unnecessary; hair and makeup do not need to be any more elaborate than what you do every day. If something comes up that you have never heard of before — say, “escort cards” or “groom’s cake” — just leave it out. All that is truly necessary is you, your fianc√©, your marriage license, witnesses and officiant. Everything else is just froth.


Nox January 22, 2012 at 6:20 am

Yes you can wear a knee length dress, they’re usually referred to as “tea length”.

As for DIY, it’s a smart idea, you will save a lot of money.


Vicki B January 22, 2012 at 6:42 am

Yeah you could do a tea length dress. Don’t do the cake yourself. Outsource that, if you’re doing everything else like your own hair, makeup, center peices, favors etc. Let the edible stuff be handled by the caterer.


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