Cinderella themed wedding…Need DIY centerpieces…?

by DIY wedding planner on December 12, 2011

I found some online that I liked, but I’m thinking they might look too cheap/kid”dish” for a wedding. I’m kinda crafty, but am at a dead on ideas. Here’s a link to the one’s I originally thought about….

Price is kind of an option. I need about 40 of them and would “prefer” to not spend over 100-150 on supplies. Time spent in them is NOT an option…I have over a year till the wedding. Thanks!!

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cynthiagrammy December 12, 2011 at 10:27 am

you can find tiny glass slippers at Horner Novelty, etc. (Oriental trading) glue them on some tiny velvet pillows.


meenakshi December 12, 2011 at 10:51 am

here are a few ideas is came up with after seeing your link, especially since you would like it to be handmade – always gives it a more personal touch :-) )
however, there are a few questions -
- do you want the exact same centre-piece on every table? if not, you could do a sort of complete Cinderella stroy using diff scenes/props at diff tables & it could become a good curiousity arouser for the guests. they’d want to see how you’ve depicted the entire story :-)
so you can have C’s family, C in rags & gown, mice & horses, fairy godmother, prince, pumpkin & carriage, glass slipper, etc. etc.

anyways, here goes –
– you could anything with papier mache & mold & paint/adorn as required. And if you cut them from one side [so as to make a 'lid'], you can use them as containers for tissues, candies, pot-pourri, etc.
– if you can find spherical plastic bowls/containers, you can use those to make the carriage. cover & decorate as you wish. and you can place candies, chocolates, mints in them too.
– if you know pottery, you can use clay, etc. to mold your figurines.
– similarly, you can use wax to mold figurines & even add a wick if you like.
– you could carve out little ornamental holes in the papier mache or plastic containers [like you do for pumpkin carving] and place pot-pourri inside.
with the former you can even place tiny tea-lights inside so that it glows & makes beautifully-shaped designs on the table.

ADDITION : i forgot to add that in order to make the centrepiece look a bit classy & not childish, you can cover it with velvet &/or satin, along with tulle, net, satin ribbons, etc.

and you can also use those small glass fish bowls for the carriage. add a flap above to cover the open bowl. leave spaces for ‘open’ windows [since it is glass, youcan see through] & you can add little cinderella doll sitting inside on the seat :-)

hope these inspire
all the very best always :-)


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