Diy bouquets&wedding centerpieces?

by DIY wedding planner on July 20, 2012

Im planning on diy the bouquets&centerpieces will be buying the flowers from sams club but how do I keep them fresh&from dieing
@meghan I actually have with silk flowers &they turned out great many compliments
just never worked with real

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Meghan July 20, 2012 at 5:41 am

Have you ever made bouquets before? If you never have, I would strongly recommend against this. Sam’s will make the bouquets for you- but there is alot of artistry and skill that goes into making them. It’s not as easy as it seems.

If nothing else, get some flowers to try it a few time before the wedding- but that adds more cost than just having them done.


Jenny Lynne July 20, 2012 at 5:56 am

First, storage—after you buy, you will need a cooler. Take refrig and remove all but one of the shelves. For long stemmed flowers, cut new ends, at an angle, put in 5 gallon buckets of cool water about 1/3 way up of stems, be sure all stems are in water. For shorter flowers, go ahead and cut ends and put in smaller containers. Cut new ends on all greenery and have greenery in one container. Mix 1/2 cup sugar and melt in hot water, mix with cool and add to 5 or 1 gallon buckets or containers. Mist with a fine, very fine mist of water after taking out. Take out, put shelves back in as necessary for size of centerpieces. Keep fridge cool not icy cold, too cold will damage, then when bouq and cpieces finished store in refrig until time to take to wedding. After taking out, mist very lightly again with water, only on leaves that are slick, never furry. For greenery buy a can of “Green Glow” can be found at Wal-Mart or any floral supply store, Hobby Lobby, etc. Use this to spray greenery, no need to wash or wipe greenery, green glow takes care of everything, use sparingly as a lots builds up, gives a glow, too much looks oily, experiment. all I know to tell you. If flowers especially carnations and lillies are buds or are not opened keep out of cooler and in water in a room at room temp. so that they can open more over night. Be careful of long stems, as some need to be wired especially if top/bloom of flower is heavy. Use oasis floral foam, not styrofoam, have a large container of water, place oasis on top, do not, do not push it down into water, let it soak up water on it’s own, do this early so that it can become saturated and once b/cp are made be sure oasis is kept wet, it will, will suck the water out of flower, will get water from wherever it can, hence the name, so keep almost “soppy wet” up until say three hrs. before the wedding, then can sit in cooler or sit out, but no longer. Do not need this if using vases, this is for cut centerpieces. Buy mesh rose wraps to put around rose buds to keep roses from opening too soon and shedding petals, Buy rose food to put in water for roses, keep roses in seperate container, decide how you will remove thorns, knife or cutter or scissors, be very careful if you use a knife, can purchase a stripper at local floral wholesalers. ****If doing hand tied bouquets, get all flowers even at top or as you want them, then cut stems off even, length you want them, then put a rubber band at top of stems under blooms/blossoms and another at end about one and 1/2 inch from bottom, not too tight, just enough to keep together. These can stay in water until you are ready to wrap in ribbon or tulle. Take out of water soon enough so that stems will be dry, blot with paper towel, good, before wrapping so that ribbon won’t get wet. Hope this helps. Only other thing I know is to store in a very cool room, say with window air conditioner unit a day, no more than two before using. When buying gently feel rose buds, the tighter the bud the better and more buds on others the better, look for brown or flat spots, etc. Fully opened flowers will shed their petals faster.


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