DIY (do it your self) brides & budget busters?

by DIY wedding planner on August 11, 2012

What are some DIY projects you plan to do your self vs having a venue or wedding planner do?

-list the project
-how much did a event planner or venue estimated this to cost?
-how much did you spend or/plan to spend doing it your self?
-would you recommend brides do something them selves?

I asked these questions because lastnight I was watching this show called “rich bride poor bride” and the woman wanted blue roses and tried to cut cost by “doing it her self” and tried to spray paint white roses….terrible idea and she ended up spending 1,900 on a flourist in the end. The couple budget was 40 thousand and they ended up spending 56.000 plus.

I know things come up or things end up being more then what your initially other question is..

-when it comes to cutting cost what are some things you have done?

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~kdub~ August 11, 2012 at 8:22 pm

my biggest saver is shop around.. what ever the price, you WILL ALWAYS find it cheaper, no matter what and don’t be afraid to barter and say but this place will give it to me for this, 9times out of 10 they will match it or beat it!

and 40000 is ridiculous on a wedding unless you have 500 guests!


rip little brother, I love you August 11, 2012 at 9:02 pm

First off..what I could do for my wedding with a budget like that! WOW! Anyways we are getting married July 27th and our budget is $3000. So far we have come out under the budget, about $200 under.
We did things like our best friend is doing the professional pics for free (so find a good friend, or try to bargain with someone :D )
Also for our wedding cake my mother is making it for free, (again a good idea is buying a sheet cake or something, you can make a “fake wedding cake” for less and use the sheet cake for guests and such)
Flowers, I am buying from Costco, and building our own basic bouquets.

My wedding dress was a custom dress for $99 on Ebay WITH a hoop skirt thing under it. good deal and its beautifully made and fits wonderful.

A side note is that Ebay is WONDERFUL for bargains.

Lastly, we are doing our own music with an Ipod (its a small wedding of 34 ppl) and a stereo set/karaoke machine.


rflatshoe August 11, 2012 at 9:20 pm

My budget is 10-12K for the wedding. Most of the cost is the reception. My guest list is only 60.

The smaller the wedding the better. The only DIY I did was making the save the date cards, wedding invitation (handkerchief invite), RSVP card and accomodations card.

I also hired a day-of coordinator instead of a regular coordinator. Instead of me running around managing vendors, she can do that herself.


CC August 11, 2012 at 9:53 pm

The budget for our wedding is $1500

I searched online and found that the florists in my area charge $80-$200 for bridal bouquets. I decided to buy fresh cut flowers from the grocery/department store the day before the wedding and make my own bouquet. We are not having a wedding I only need my bouquet. DIY bouquet will be about $15.

We’re having a small wedding…35 guests..and instead of a wedding cake, we are having cupcakes that I am making myself. I’ll make about 75 cupcakes, put them in a decorative liner with a lightly colored butter cream frosting on top. Bakeries in the area charge $2-$3 per cupcake. So this is saving us $150-275

Those are the only DIY we are doing.
But we are saving money other ways by
-Keeping guest list low
-Taking friends nd family to lunch at a restaurant after the ceremony
-Not having a wedding party–only flower girl
-Getting married in a Rose Garden for free
-Not having a traditional wedding dress.


Jenx August 11, 2012 at 10:13 pm

Our budget is £4500 for 80 guests. We will cut costs by making our wedding cake at a cost of £100, making our own bouquets from foam and silk flowers costing around £80. Our venue is very cheap too and we are opting for a buffet which looked a lot more appealing than the sit down meal. I also plan on getting a taxi to the wedding because the journey is all of 10 minutes and the ceremony and reception are in the same place. I bought my dress of ebay for £85 and got the bridesmaids dresses from a high street store.


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