DIY Paper Pennant Bunting

by DIY wedding planner on January 1, 2012

With many couples struggling to stretch their budgets to fit all their desired needs, especially where their weddings are concerned, it’s no wonder that DIY has become the go-to for brides everywhere. And today’s modern bride is no average bride! She’s unique and trendy and has a hankering for things “shabby chic.” So, when she enters a store she wants to see DIY products adorning the shelves, and one of her favorites is the DIY Paper Pennant Bunting Kits, which have become one of the biggest, most versatile products of the year! Because brides want to sacrifice dollars spent and not style shown, they look to arenas where they can have both, and DIY Bunting is just about the best example there is! With its sleek, retro feel and vintage charm, these appealing pennants create a fun, simple way for brides, party planners, decorators, celebrators, and everyone in between to add a personalized touch of style to all their big events without breaking the bank! And because this one of a kind kit provides you with all the tools you’ll need to decorate your special occasion in style, you can spend all your time deciding the exciting way you’ll decorate them! DIY Kit Includes: • 50 cardstock sheets with perforated edges for easy assembly • 12.5 yards of white satin ribbon • A bonus CD with 40 pre-designed templates that you can mix and match • As well as Test Printing Sheets and Instructions for use once you’ve decided on your design Now, while the kit comes complete with a

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