DIY wedding ideas for a tight budget?

by DIY wedding planner on December 7, 2011

My wedding is planned for July 3, 2010 (so still pretty far ahead) but I already know that it is going to be on a tight budget. The wedding will take place on the beach and the reception will be the following weekend at a place to be determined. I’m looking for some ideas for invitations/decorations/favors/etc that I can start working on now and that are relatively inexpensive. I consider myself pretty crafty but I can’t sew or draw well. Any ideas? Also, is it necessary to pick a theme for the reception and if so, what are some creative ideas for a them? Thanks!

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Kristy December 7, 2011 at 5:31 pm

Well I went to a wedding planner and explained that we didn;t have a large budget and amazingly they planned everything for a good price I also got a lot of stuff from ebay like the flower girls dresses I paid 10$ for them brand new off ebay and the viel was new and paid .99 for on ebay so I would highly suggest searching ebay!


Sarah D December 7, 2011 at 6:21 pm

They have lots of ideas and links. Plus with your time frame you can go a little at a time and not have to dump your cash all at once. Don’t be afraid of ebay and anything with the word discount in front of it. Don’t get tied down in what you think you SHOULD have, and focus on what you want. If what you want is too expensive for your budget, try and find another way. Keep looking, keep trying. And don’t give up now, because that dress your dreaming of might go on sale in two months! Good Luck and Congratulations!


Anonymous December 7, 2011 at 7:01 pm

that’s in like 2yrs!!! start saving $ now –

my suggestion is to not start planning now as your taste, ideas and priorities may change. I do suggest to research and see what you want and start doing the actual planning the year of your wedding date.

My personal experience – I was only engaged for a year and within that year I changed my mind about centerpieces….favors….colors many times… to save you time and misery I would suggest you just do a lot of research and visit a lot of venues/florists/photographers…etc.


krismas_03 December 7, 2011 at 7:48 pm

i am planning mine on a small budget and here is what i did-
1st: invite family and close friends only, the smaller the guest list the cheaper everything else it.
2nd: A back yard if it is available, for the reception, you have to do more work but it is a lot cheaper, you can rent tables and chairs.
3rd: Put disposable cameras on the tables at the reception for people to use and leave, so you can have a photographer for less time.
4th: Order flowers online at wholesale prices I used, have them delivered a few days before and spend a day with your bridesmaids making decorations and bouquet, or a fresh flower market if there is one of those in your area.
5th: For the cake my aunts and i are just each baking 1 or 2 regular box size cakes each so instead of 1 large expensive cake Im going to have like 4 regular cakes that are different kinds, so everyone will have some thing they like.
6th: Just keep looking for dresses you can find a decent priced one that you like. also if you can wear a bra with it get the fake boobs in that bc if the dress shop puts them in they are crazy expensive.
7th: Instead of a guest book do a well wishes box with pretty note paper and envelops out for people to sign like a guest book, then put them in a pretty box, you can take the papers later and make a college out of them in a frame, so you can actully look at it instead of having a book sitting somewhere you never look at. Also with the envelopes there people will often put cash or checks into the envelops with the well wishes note!
good luck have fun, Try not to stress, and ask for help, you can easily get over-whemed.


suellenh December 7, 2011 at 8:29 pm

Mason jars for centerpieces. Put sand and a candle in them, with some stones and shells, as well as a few shells and some shiny confetti on the tables. Use pale blues, pale greens, and other ocean/beach colors. You can do plain invitations on your computer (use cream paper with pale blue ribbon); I got these at Michaels and they were wonderful – I added a sheet of vellum and put the ribbon through it all.


Sunny December 7, 2011 at 9:18 pm

you do not have to pick a theme. i didn’t have a theme for mine.
i made my own centerpieces. they were very cheap and very easy. i went to the dollar store and bought vases and fake flowers. so it was only $2 per table and i think it looked nice..


JM December 7, 2011 at 9:53 pm

If your wedding is on the beach you can do a beach theme. (you don’t have to have a theme though) You can get seashells (free if you go hunting) and make place card holders. Hurricane glasses with a candle, sand and sea shells for centerpieces. You can make your own chocolates (closer to the wedding) with seashell molds for favors. has some great things you can turn into favors. Little beach pails you can fill with the chocolates and with some clear labels you can put your names on them. A little tulle and ribbon and you can wrap them up nicely.


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