DIY: What is a simple way to bind a book?

by DIY wedding planner on August 22, 2012

Me and my fiance are big readers, so for our wedding we are decorating with old vintage books, candles, and words. We are getting married in a church and we wanted to do something different for the unity symbol. We dont want to do the whole family candle/unity candle thing…and we dont want to do the mixing of sand or anything like that. So I was thinking we could bind our life stories togther by “binding” the book in front of our friends and family as a sign of our unity, the problem is i cant find any simple and fast ways that dont require tools and a lot of work. I want something simple and fast but doesnt look cheap and preschool. If you have any ideas that would help me so much! Thank you! {:

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Hyper Sonic August 22, 2012 at 6:05 am

This might be of some advice but I will generally use Tape.

Preferably black Electric Tape granted its not some collectors edition or a book very personal to me I will get the right material, (Sometimes I just use the THICK poster board) and use staples, better used with a staple gun, and just get that sucker back on there and do some touching up to it and it work just should be fine.

Hope I can help!


ceece August 22, 2012 at 7:04 am

Buy beautiful ribbon or material (cut very long strips and sew all cut edges) and together tie your life story book in a bow to become one , symbolizing your new life together. Leave the ends very long for a long life together. Each year add another book to symbolize your marriage years together. = )


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