Do it yourself wedding? Any ideas?

by DIY wedding planner on February 24, 2014

Anything would help. Im trying to save as much money as possible. Thanks!

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Reba February 24, 2014 at 5:11 pm

I would suggest to use a web site like or that has free planning tools including budgeting and time lines.

Then you need to start planning with your timeline. Since you want to save money you may want to consider getting married and having the reception all in the same place. Or find venues that have package deals for the catering, limo, pictures etc. It really depends on what you budget is. You need to figure out your budget first!! Once you’ve figured out your budget then you can find ways to stay within your budget.

Good luck!


ynra BTB 5-09-09 February 24, 2014 at 5:40 pm

For me it was a few things.
Invitations- I wanted pocket invitations and when I checked in different places they were charging me about $250 to $300 for the everything. so i ordered my kit for this website
and printed my own invitations including ink the invitations came out for $125 dollars. There are some really nice diy in walmart and target for alot cheaper but i wanted pocket invitations and even the printable kit was alittle more expensive.

Another one was flowers- After getting quotes from different florist ranging from $2000-$3000 I even thought of using silks which i didn’t want to do. After much research i found that if i bought real flowers wholesale online I would be saving ALOT of money. After buying all the flowers online and having my cousin who is my coordinator on the day of the wedding set them up for me I would be around $700.


gabrielle w February 24, 2014 at 6:06 pm

DIY invites will save you some money, you can look at craft supply stores for the materials or “kits”. Personally I’m thinking of doing a postcard style invite. Searching the internet for ideas has really helped me. I really liked

DIY food: get help from family. Keep the menu pretty simple. To make it easier get some food from costco. So menu ideas are 1.if its an afternoon affair you can do tea sandwiches with things like veggies and dip, devilled eggs, stuffed mushrooms etc.. 2. Go mexican and have a taco buffet and seven layer dip and things of that nature. 3. bbq picnic style, anything from burgers and hot dogs to a pig roast.4. the more traditional buffet with chicken, beef, or lasagna which choice of potato and veggies. Look into cupcakes instead of a cake.

Its easier to match things if you don’t have specific color theme, so keep it colourful and fun. This is fitting for a summer wedding. Google search paper poms, they are an easy to make decoration.

If you have it outside in a pretty setting you don’t need to decorate much. I’m not going to do any flowers at our wedding (I know this is almost unheard of) I’ve never really been a flower kind of girl, and I’m allergic to the pollen anyway. There are these really cool diy felt and button bouquets, they last much longer than flowers.

Hope that helps a little bit!


**Mya** February 24, 2014 at 6:36 pm

Get your dress of ebay they are really good and well i got mine off there and it cost me $204.00 and that was too be made to my size and express shipping to me.
or and they make bridal dresses from $200 and bridesmaids dresses from $80 they are really good. is a really good place to start as everything is cheaper than in stores etc.

goodluck and enjoy


Darlene L February 24, 2014 at 6:58 pm

I made my own bouquets, boutonnieres and center pieces. I used silk flowers and ordered them from save on crafts. I still have some left over that I will be creating a web site sometime this weekend. If you do not want to order silk flowers online Michael’s and Joann’s have a great selection as well as the dollar store. I also bought the invitation kit from Michael’s and printed them up myself. I bought glass containers for my center pieces. I also made my own favors. I bought white plastic spoons and ribbon with my wedding colors and put three hershey’s kisses on them. I also bought terra cotta pots and painted them red and put my name and my husband’s name and the wedding date.


Jill February 24, 2014 at 7:41 pm

Weddings are so personal – My hband and I splurged on what we really cared about – and “didnt” do the rest. 1. We got married in at a botanical garden. So, all the flowers and decorations were taken care of. 2. We paid for a photographer to take pics of the ceremony – then he was done. 1/2 the cost. At the reception we put disposable camera on the tables and got great shots. 3. Had the reception at a great country club, they provided candles, matching napkins to my dresses (pleasant surprise) and table decorations (little round mirrors) good enough for me! The great scenery from the club itself did the rest. 4. I could care less about the wedding cake so we just had the caterer cut up a sheet cake and serve. Who ever remembers – or cares – about the couple cutting cake? Huge expense saved and didnt miss it! 5. We made our own invites that were beautiful. You can save a fortune on a dress – craigslist in my area always has never been worn dresses posted… and some are really gorgeous! 6. Lesson here – Pay for what makes the day FOR YOU. The rest – to hell w/ it. We cut out so much stuff and had one of the classiest, nicest weddings I’ve ever been too. Splurged on: Country Club (which actually gave us a great deal – pd as much as the buffet/ reception hall would have cost) ask them! They want to fill their rooms too! Limo, and DJ for the party. The rest was peanuts.


juliak February 24, 2014 at 8:18 pm

I had pretty much no budget for my wedding but no woman wants to sacrifice elegance just because of a lack of money. I had to get really creative.
First I found out what people were charging for their services (band, florist, caterer, dress, makeup artist…)

Then once I had the specifics I looked at how could I save money by cutting corners or doing things my self.

First I asked a couple really good friends who I knew were creative if they would be willing to help out.

For the flowers, after a really nice florist quoted me a bundle I went to this little whole in the wall shack of a place. Before I did anything I told them that I needed it for a wedding and I needed to see what they could do first. They were so eager to please and excited for the business that did a really terrific job.

For the dress, once I found the style I wanted, which cost over $4,000 in the store, I found a tailor who could recreate it for me for much less. I found a guy who specialized in dress making for dolls. These dresses were so small and detailed that I knew he could handle what I wanted. Because it wasn’t his normal form of business I got him to do it for $500 and it was tailor made for me.

When it came to the caterer I couldn’t believe how much they wanted. So I went around my city for a couple of weeks looking for whole in the wall restaurants that looked like they really needed the business. My fiance and I went around eating at them and the ones we liked best we asked if they would be willing to do catering. Again, they were struggling for the business that they were more than happy to negotiate a fair price. And, also most of the places had catered large parties before so there was no worries if they could.

As for the makeup artist… I was quoted thousands of dollars for the whole wedding party and if it was just me then just $500 to apply makeup for an hour or two most!
I found this great DVD course that teaches people how to apply beauty makeup specifically for weddings and private events. The course was only $150 and I asked my best friend if she would be willing to learn it practice and do my makeup if I bought the course. She did and it came out beautiful and now she works as a makeup artist charging the $500 to others!!!! I think the course was called the event makeup artist

The point is you just have to be creative. There are so many businesses out there looking for customers and so many things geared to budget weddings. Your wedding will come out stunning you just have to have a little fun with it.


dchalk1968 February 24, 2014 at 8:34 pm

Don’t forget to order some sort of wedding favors for your guests. Many are available at less cost than making them yourself. You can find some nice ones that cost less than $1 each at


Corey A February 24, 2014 at 9:00 pm

Here are some things that I did to save money:

1) I used DIY invitations from Target, DIY programs and save the dates from Michaels Craft Store (they also have placecards you can print at home)

2) If you are planning to serve alcohol, find out if you can bring your own in. Then wait for the Bev Mo 5 cent sale. You buy a bottle of wine and get the second for a nickel. It’s a great deal. We did that for my engagement party and got like 14 bottles of wine for less than $100.

3) I bought a used Maggie Sottero gown off of for $140.

4) You can find tons of leftover wedding decorations off of or ebay. You can also find reasonably inexpensive things from Ikea, Walmart or Target.

5) Instead of buying more flowers, you can use colored napkins or table cloths to dress up your space. After the wedding, you can make some of your money back by selling your stuff on ebay or Try this place:

6) Here are some examples of DIY centerpieces that would be pretty inexpensive:

7) You can learn to do your own flowers. Purchase them in bulk from or sam’s club online. Then check out youtube or martha stewart weddings (website) and figure out how to make your own bouquets.

Alright – hope that helps!


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