Does anyone have any good DIY-Wedding Ideas or ideas for weddings on a budget???

by DIY wedding planner on December 11, 2010

I’m planning an August 2009 wedding for about 75-85 guests. We want the wedding to be small, fun, and budget-friendly. Does anyone have an quirky ideas that we could bring into the wedding that will help save money, or that will just look really cool and original?

I’m in Ottawa, Canada; most my family is from London, Canada; his family and most of our friends are here in Ottawa as well.

Our venue is *likely* going to be Billings Estate and its gardens with tents…

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boodoll33 December 11, 2010 at 1:47 pm

Short of cutting the guest list, here are some budget friendly things…
Have your wedding in the afternoon or on a day thats not Saturday, that will cut venue costs.
You dont need costly flowers for centerpieces, use something else.
Make your own bouqet from a flower market near your house
Costco has great deals on flowers and bouqets.
Good Luck!


ashleyrp19 December 11, 2010 at 1:49 pm

There are tons of ways to cut corners.

Buffet. You could request that family and friends help make the food ahead of time (pre-cook and freeze, then warm up for the big day). Instead of hiring waitiers to deliver the food, you could have a buffet – but that would mean seating charts are pretty much useless with all of the moving around. Fake flowers can do wonders and are a lot less expensive than purchasing a bouquet of live ones. Table cloths can be bought pretty cheap at sales – keep an eye out and haunt outlets! They have the cheapest prices. If you can sew – or know someone who can – then make your own wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses (suits are trickier). You don’t need a DJ; you just need a laptop with limewire (or some other music sharing/playing program) that can be hooked up to speakers – and someone to monitor the playlists, of course! Make your own wedding cake. Make your own favors. Bubble blowers are inexpensive and be bought in bulk as a substitute for rice/seeds. If you know someone who can give a discount on marrying you, then that’s good – and you don’t have to marry in a chapel, you can marry in the same place that you hold your reception. Do a search for craft websites to get more ideas, DIY weddings is a great place to look, and don’t be ashamed or embarassed to go into goodwills or junkstores for things like bowls, candles, and sometimes craft supplies. Michael’s, Joann Fabric’s, Pat Catan’s, and Walmart all have excellent items to use for a DIY and inexpensive wedding.


djk29 December 11, 2010 at 1:51 pm

I am all about saving money! Everything is so expensive, it is just crazy. I am doing everything for my wedding, with help from my mom and sisters. I made all of my wedding invitations and that saved me about $300.00 alone. I wanted something that was just for us, I would hate to send people invitations that they have received before. Plus my colors are yellow and brown and I was having a hard time finding invitations in those colors. I made 80 invitations and only spent about $80.00, that includes all the paper, ink, envelopes, ribbons, RSVP’s, thank yous, EVERYTHING other than the stamps. I would like to make invitations for other brides on a budget, so if you would like to see what mine looked like or other ideas I have email me.


Carla M December 11, 2010 at 2:46 pm

eBay! I’ve purchased my dress ($60USD), flower girl dress ($36USD), the silk petals for my flower girl to drop ($.01USD),etc on eBay. So much cheaper than any bridal store.

Plus we picked up invitations at a dollar store and I decorated and put them together myself. No one could tell they were purchased so cheaply and I received tons of compliments.

I am also going to purchase my flowers at Costco. Since my wedding is at a country house, we’re having BBQ ribs, chicken and beef to go with the country theme.


mynxr December 11, 2010 at 3:11 pm

Our colors were navy blue and silver. I stamped metallic stars on a navy blue watermark fabric and used that as the base for the centerpieces. We got miniature rose bushes in pots, covered the pots with silver paper and arranged three pots on the fabric. We arranged votive candles around the pots of roses. The candle light reflected off both the candles and the pots. It looked amazing. After the wedding, we let whoever wanted them to take them home except for one white and one yellow. We took one of each and they are still growing in our rose garden 6 years later.

We made a cookbook for our guests as a favor. We asked them to send us their favorite recipe in a SASE and compiled them with some of ours, interesting tidbits, measuring information and convection cooking conversions into a spiral bound cookbook. We used the graphic from our invitation and called it Cooking Under the Stars. It was a huge hit!

We did baskets for each hotel room for out of town guests with bottles of water, snacks, magazine or paperback, map to the ceremony site from hotel and some candy.

We had a basket in the men’s room and ladies room with various items in them. Clear nail polish for the ladies in case they had a run. Breath mints in both. Shoe shine cloth in men’s. Nail files in both. Chewing gum in both. Individual packets of Tylenol and Excedrin in both. Kleenex in both. Mouthwash in both. Spot remover in both. Among other things we thought they could use during the evening.

We had chocolate covered strawberries done to look like strawberries in chocolate tuxes put on the table at the end of the night with two for each person.

We made pew bows out of navy blue ribbon with silver flecks on it and silver ribbon.

For lighting the unity candle, we used “Keeper of the Stars”.

We did a sweetheart table and then reserved tables for our bridal party and their guests. As it was an adult only reception, it was just an extra person at each table.

We did an anniversary dance instead of tossing the bouquet and garter. The couple that was last on the dance floor had been married 55 years. I had known them all my life so it made it really special to me. He passed away last January so it gave me even another special memory of him and them.

We got magnets at Staples in 8.5×11 sheets that were printable and made our own save the date magnets.

We used the graphics on the invitation and reception card for all our paper and magnet items so that everything matched.

We used an RSVP service so we didn’t have to worry about ordering response cards and envelopes and postage. Plus the week before the caterer needed the count, we had a guaranteed accurate count and could track it online.


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