Does anyone have suggestions for wedding DIY projects?

by DIY wedding planner on December 11, 2010

I am planning my wedding, but don’t have a huge budget to work with. I would like to save money in some areas so that I can put more money towards the bigger necessities. Does anyone have any good suggestions to save money or resources that can point me in the right direction?

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Kristy December 11, 2010 at 11:10 pm

You can technically do EVERYTHING yourself, it depends on how crafty you are and what the time frame is like. From making the dress, veil and BM dresses to doing your own flowers, decorations, food, favors, music, etc, it is all do-able. There are a million books on this at bookstores, maybe browse one for things you can do. Also, The Knot has a section and you can Google DIY Weddings for more.

Good luck!


L?G December 11, 2010 at 11:13 pm
I love that site! Its got great ideas and fun projects to do!

Michaels craft store(or a craft store in your area) may have classes for such tasks. Plus they have tons of wedding stuff there.

You can make your own invites with either a pre-done kit where all you do is print them at home. Or if you’re really creative you can make them from scratch using card stock and other papers!

Good luck!


pebb1125 December 11, 2010 at 11:18 pm

You can do the programs, invitations, save the date cards, any printing type projects fairly easily and cheap yourself. Try It’s a great site with tons of paper choices and ideas for that custom look with a tiny price tag.


MAT December 11, 2010 at 11:18 pm

I am getting married in Nov. and I had the same problem. To save money, I went to Hobby Lobby and had my aunt, mom and grandmother pick out all of the stuff they liked. We have all of the flowers, and we even made the BM bouquets, and they are beautiful! We have spent around $600 total on flowers and decorations, but a florists would have costs us a lot more! You just need to find someone in the family that is super crafty and have them help you. My aunt is awesome and she has amazing ideas that are cheap! I also like the website that someone already mentioned. Good luck!


MrsRoberts8808 December 11, 2010 at 11:29 pm

I LOVED being a DIY bride! It was so much fun. Here is what I did.

*Made my own save-the-dates (magnets). My best friend designed them on photoshop. I printed them and stuck them on some magnets I ordered. Total: $30
*Made my own invitations. The complete invitation boxes from Wal-Mart or Meijers are a great deal. It was $15 a box, and then I designed and printed them. I fancied them up by tying on vellum with a bow. I only needed one ink cartridge and I made over 250. Total: about $100 (including ink, ribbon and vellum)
*Made my own programs. They were like a flip-book, and totally cute. Again, it only took 1 ink cartridge, and I made 160. I used ribbon to tie them up, and they were so personal. I bought cardstock in bulk to print them. Total: $75
*My best friend made my centerpieces. They were glass bowls filled with sand, seashells and seaglass, and a white pillar candle. There were 3 smaller versions around it with a light blue tealight, sand and seashells. The big candles we found on sale for $1 each at Ikea. The little tealights I bought online for 40 dollars (I bought over 60). Total: About $350
*We also made our own table markers, bought a cheap cake topper off ebay, and bought generic thank you cards. We made our own ceremony decoration bows from Tulle and ribbon.

I did splurge on other things, so it wasn’t exactly cheap in the end, but doing those things saved me a LOT of money. I probably could have spent double what we did.


iloveweddings December 11, 2010 at 11:50 pm

Hi and congratulations!

~ Definitely buy one of the boxed sets of invitations that you can find at places like Walmart, Target, Michaels, Hobby Lobby or Office Max. There are many styles to choose from. You get 50 in a box with envelopes and then you bring them home, format them on your computer; and do your own printing! I think you even get an RSVP card with it [blank, of course.]. These sell for about $25-$30. This is a huge savings.

~ Look at dollar stores, etc. for things like glass bowls, vases, gem stones, and floating candles and use those for your centerpieces. Extremely cheap and beautiful at the same time!

~ Although I love the look of fresh flowers, many on here have done silks. Be warned, though, that sometimes silks are almost as much as fresh. A cost savings idea is to have your bridesmaids carry only 3 roses with some greens and wrapped in a silk ribbon. My opinion is that this looks so much prettier than a big huge bouquet of silks.

~ I don’t know if YOU want to tackle something like this or if you know of someone that can help you….but a very HUGE cost savings would be to make your own cupcakes; display them; and use those instead of a big huge wedding cake! This is getting to be a big trend and pictures are even in wedding magazines. You can, then, get 1 small cake for your and your fiance to cut…and it goes at the top of the “cupcake tree.” Look at these photos:

Hope this helps!


rud-ness December 12, 2010 at 12:36 am

I like they have a bunch of pics you can look at to get ideas some are really practical!



Love My Hubby December 12, 2010 at 1:34 am

-I got married at a chapel in Maryland saved a lot of money there. -Found my dress at a Consignment shop that specializes in Wedding Gowns
-Got my shoes from Payless they dyed them too.
-Searched the web and found a nice restaurant for the reception no dancing no music.
-Got my inventations from Michaels/ My sister printed them/ found the wording online (free)
-Made love song CD’s for my guest/ purchased wedding Lables for the CD’s on line
- found decorative boxed oil and reed as gifts rewrapped in wedding colors for guest
-found small candy boxes on line filled them myself with mini recess cups gifts for guest(my husband and I lover recess cups)
-Had the wedding early 10:30 am Reception Lunch done by 2pm

I spent $3,000 on everything dress, wedding chapel, gifts, MOH & Bridemaids dresses, and Grooms and Groomsmen tux rentals.

Good Luck


custardgirl December 12, 2010 at 1:58 am

For the dress, I absolutely love David’s Bridal and their $99 sales which always seem to be going on.
Target also has a new line of wedding gowns for a very reasonable price, I think all of them are under $200.
You can always rent one too, my mom’s got eaten by mice in our garage anyhow!
For the cake, you can search the internet for the basic idea of what you like, then take a picture of it to your local Walmart and they will recreate it for you!
It is really awesome, and they do amazing things!
A fraction of the price of any other cake.
College students can come in really handy too.
If you have a cullinary school near by, check out if you could get a senior student or a recent grad to make you your dream cake.
They aren’t used to getting much money, so they would be cheap and it would give them experience and exposure for their portfolio.
Photography majors could also help out.
Tons of wedding photographers have never gone to school for photography, but a college kid would know all of the latest tricks of the trade- all of that crazy technology now-a-days!
They would be cheap since they need exposure and experience too.
You could even request to see samples of their work to make sure you are safe.
They would be thrilled for the opportunity.
Don’t use a familly member or close friend for the photographer though, too many things could screw up that situation!
Decorations are easy.
Making them yourself would be your cheapest way to go.
For tablecloths, you could either rent them from a party supply store or have someone hem some lovely fabric of your choice from a fabric store nearby.
I always love creative candle arrangements, and you could even make those your wedding favors for the guests.
Go to walmart, the dollar tree, or a cheap craft store and get some glass dishes to fill with a little water, fill the very bottom with some marbles or glass beads, then get floating candles to light in the center.
I’ve seen square mirrors set underneath the centerpiece and even little christmas lights look really cool to just drape around the whole arrangement.
Flower centerpieces are great too.
You could get some fresh flowers from a local farmer or from your farmer’s/saturday market, or use fake ones from walmart or the craft store.
Get a few of your favorite blooms and set them in a skinny clear vase that is filled with colored water, glass marbles, pebbles, pennies, beans, whatever.
Everyone loves candy, you could buy a few bags of m&m’s, red hots, dinner mints, anything small, and sprinkle them around the centerpiece or even the whole table for cute, edible decor.
I have also seen picture frames with pictures of one or both of the couple.
You could use pictures of when you were growing up at different stages at all of the tables, or your engagement pictures, or even pictures from the wedding that were developed before the reception if that is possible.
With this idea you can use frames you already have, get cheap matching ones, buy a hodge podge from a second hand store, borrow some from a friend, anything goes!
It is a very personal touch to have pictures out, wherever you display them.
I don’t really know anything about catering, but you can always recruit friends and family to help prepare any food you want present on your big day.
If you shop for your food at the store, make sure to check the unit price of each item to get the best deal.
Some stores will give you a discount if you talk to the manager ahead of time and are getting a big quantity.
Also, ask a manager about any future sales that they could tell you about, sometimes they can’t tell you though.
Make sure your food won’t go bad before the day you need it.
My friend had a reception with only cinnamon rolls and hot cocoa, and everyone loved it! Very fun and festive for the winter time.
She had friends each bring a few dozen of their favorite recipe, some orange rolls, with nuts, with raisins, with chocolate frosting, with extra cinnamon goo!
We made the hot cocoa as it was needed in three big fancy crockpots that were lended to us.
It is amazing how creative you can get and how fun it can be when you are forced to stick to a budget.
Have fun and remember that it is your day to have what you want, no one else gets to criticize your choices!
Don’t worry too much what everyone will think or what is expected from you, just stay pleasant and all will go wonderfully.
Good luck and congratulations!
Best wishes!


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