Entitlement attitude for a hardworking lady planning a wedding on a budget?

by DIY wedding planner on June 8, 2012

One of my best friends has been engaged since April of last year. She’s getting married next weekend on 10/10/10. A couple of months after she was engaged, her fiance we deployed to Iraq for 15 months. With just a few days to go, my friend has finished the last minuted details of her wedding. She’s a DIY type of bride. Her budget is $10,000 (yeah I know corny), but she’s managed to keep her costs UNDER $7500. With a lot of help (and ideas) from me, and her MOH, she’s going to have a memorable wedding. One hundred guests have been invited, and 91 people did RSVP. Suffice it to say she’s excited and very proud we were able to pull of her elegant wedding with a smaller price tag.

We’ve been employed at the same restaurant for over a year now (this is a second job for both of us). Last night she reminded our manager that she starts her vacation on saturday morning. Our manager is a really laid back kind of person. The MOH is also one of my good friends, and she’s been working her tail off for the bride as well. We both love the bride as if she were our sister.The brid is the type of lady who will do things for others, without expecting anything in return. She took care of my son when I had to have surgery. She took care of the MOH when she had the chicken pox. Me and the MOH were honored to help her plan her dream wedding. We (the moh and me) feel the bride deserves to be spoiled as much as possible for her very special day. The bride is looking for to sunday as she walks down the aisle. We want her to have as much fun as possible. All of the small details have been taken care of.

Now here is why I’m asking the question. Last night me and the MOH were discussing a few last minute details that we needed to do for the bride. The bride was not around to hear the nasty remarks being made by our co-worker. One of our co-workers is a twice divorced woman, with no children, in her early forties. She always makes remarks about relationships, marriage, and being married. Then she went on to say some things about the bride, that were extremely offensive. One of the remarks was the bride shouldn’t “feel entitled to be a princess”. I understand her attitude, because I’ve been divorced. However, she has no right to make others feel uncomfortable, simply because she’s bitter about her own life. The MOH told the woman to mind her own business, and to keep her opinions to herself. But our co-worker has a big mouth, and she decided to tell a few others about her opinions. Suffice it to say by the end of the night, the bride was told all about the confrontation. The bride was annoyed, but not upset.

You really only get to be the blushing bride one day in your life. My best friend works so hard. Me & the MOH feels she’s entitled to a great day. I feel every woman is entitled to a great wedding. What do you think? Please no rude answers, thanks.
Dixi, the groom was overseas on deployment, for most of the wedding planning. But he was the one who chose the date, colors, and ‘theme’ so to speak. Me, the bride, and the MOH did the rest. I can’t wait to see her walking down the aisle to her guy. They are so blessed.

I’m a Christian to. My man is also in the military.

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dixi June 8, 2012 at 5:33 am

Of course she deserves to have a great wedding day, but it seems that you two, the bride and the divorcee have forgot to include one person…the groom.

Too many women forget it is his day too, it’s both or your day. I think if more women realized it is not all about them there probably would not be as many divorces.

It’s like watching the show “Bridezilla” or that show about the wedding dresses. I have only watched a few shows, all the time holding back the vomit and disgust. HOLY CRAP! The way these women think they are entitled to act is so sad.

I am also a miltiary wife, our wedding Anniversary is 10-7-95. We’ll be married for fifteen years on Thursday. We had a lovely wedding day. Our whole wedding was under 4k and we had about 100 people attend. It wasn’t a giant “to -do” but then again we weren’t out to impress anyone either. We just wanted our loved ones around to share our day with and to hold us accountable for the vows we made to eachother that day. People forget that after the wedding day there is a marriage, and that involves TWO people. (I say three, but I am a Christian and believe God should be a part of that equation).

Regardless of how your co-workers feel and how many opinions are given, this is THEIR wedding day and THEIR marriage. IT doesn’t mean they will end up in divorce, if they choose to forgive, listen to eachother and ask for help when needed, they will make it.

I am very glad to hear the bride did not start an all out war and let this woman’s comments role off of her. That was so smart!

Everyone has an opinion…everyone also has an asshole, and most of the time they both stink! It’s the smart ones who don’t go by the opinions and thoughts of the masses.

Best wishes to this bride and her groom on their wedding day. I pray they put one another first, always.


Bobby Flemingo June 8, 2012 at 5:48 am

Um like I have time to read that

I’m sorry but life’s just too hectic


JaimieS June 8, 2012 at 6:37 am

My husband had female friends who were like that and they weren’t afraid to offend and make those negative comments right in front of me even after we were married! Well, it’s likely not going to hurt her much because from everything you have said she has a good head on her shoulders and knows that none of this nonsense matters – only that she will be married to him. You’re a great friend!


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