how much did you spend on DIY centerpieces?

by DIY wedding planner on August 23, 2012

I’m making my own centerpieces and was wondering how much money i’m looking to spend. I’m having around 21 tables and here are some links of what I want for mines.

give me your cheapest number and ideas on good places to buy these things from.


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Kunning Linguist August 23, 2012 at 8:47 pm



FaZizzle August 23, 2012 at 8:50 pm

The most expensive thing here is going to be the glassware – if you can find that on sale or even second hand, you’re going to be better off and save a LOT of money. I would venture to say that each glass runs between $5-$15, depending on your location. Check your local craft stores – Michaels has a 20% off coupon you can use (only one per trip), so if you have time you can buy a few at a time at a discounted price.

I would stick with the water and either use leftover flowers or fake flowers. The gel is going to be messy, expensive and quite honestly useless after the wedding. With the water you can just dump it out and figure out what you want to do with them post-wedding.

As for a figure, I would say with the first example using fake flowers I would say no more than $8 ($4 for glass, $2 for floating candle and $2 for flowers) per glass . If you wanted to use a real flower, it would determine what kind of flower you wanted to use and when your wedding is – if your wedding is in February and you use roses, you’re going to pay a LOT more than if your wedding is in November.

If you use the gel example, I would put the cost a bit more. That’s a LOT of gel to put in. As far as cost, I would centure to say that you would have to add at least $5-$6 to the cost, even without the use of a flower. And once again, that’s PER GLASS.

In the end, if you want to put three or four glasses per table, we’re talking a minimum of $24/table. My suggestion: see if your venue would let you use a mirror. Set votives on the mirror and only use 1-2 of the glass candles. Decorate with flowers (left overs or fake) and glitter and you’ll have a great look going !


Online by Dezign August 23, 2012 at 9:35 pm

I couldn’t look at the second link but you can certainly make the floating candle centerpiece for around $5-10 each. Head to your local dollar store and find glass cylinder holders. You can also find these at Wal-Mart. Dollar stores and Wal-Mart also have floating candles for around $2 for a box of 6. (On a side note, you will want extra floating candles. They tend to last only about 3 hours. Give them to your reception manager so servers can replace as they go out.)

The flowers might be an issue of cost. The ones in the top photo look like orchids and those can get REALLY expensive. I would go with a lesser cost flower like a purple pansy, violets, or fresia. To save even more money, replace the flowers with colored glass beads on the bottom. You still get the color with a bit less of a hassle.

All the Best,

Weddings By Dezign


Enagaged & Loving It August 23, 2012 at 10:20 pm

You can buy vases from just about any where. For the vases I would say you could find one’s like those for $5 or less, the candles you can get at any craft store and I would say $5 – $10 for the candles, the flowers you can just buy at wal-mart or local fsslorist. For 21 tables I would say less than $100 for the flowers (depending on what type of flowers you want).

I couldn’t view the second link.


KCD19 August 23, 2012 at 10:43 pm

Hi, I’m doing the same thing for a bridal shower but will use decorative river stones to anchor down the flowers. I bought the glass vases for a $1 each at Dollar Tree. Try also the 99c stores.


lovergirl121377 August 23, 2012 at 11:07 pm

What I did was post an add on craigslist and now I have a bartering system, recycle and reuse centerpieces and other wedding items. Its free and Everyone benefits from it. Also check out your local freecycle group on yahoo. Remember you only use most decorating items once then your stuck with them so its better to just see whats on the bartering plane and keep your costs down and the earth greener!


Anonymous August 23, 2012 at 11:41 pm

Two words for you: DOLLAR TREE. I could probably create the glassware/candle portion of this type of centerpiece for $2– about as cheap as you’re going to get. Other, decorative elements such as flowers or beads/crystals will be more expensive, but only by a little bit if you know where to shop.

I’ll try and recreate it for you, cheap as I can. Click the links for pictures:

Vases: $1 a piece, available singly at your local Dollar Tree or order them offline (12 for $12) here: Also, notice that in the additional photo thumbnails they show the exact type of centerpiece you’re trying to create.

Candles: $1 a piece, sold in bulk (20 for $19.99) on The exact candles being used in the photos you show:

Additional decor items:

Gem pebbles: $1 per 16 oz. bag at the local Dollar Tree or sold by the case via their website, 24 bags for $24. Would be pretty in the bottom of the vase; also note they have different colors available.

Gems on wire: as seen in the second photo you list: I know they sell packages of this at WalMart in their wedding/party section. I would estimate that it is probably about $4 for 6-9 feet. Assuming you can create 4 centerpieces with this length of beaded wire, I estimate it would cost you $1/centerpiece.

Dollar Tree has pink silk Orchids available for $1/bush, or case price of 60 bushes for $60 online. Assuming there are 2 orchids per bush.

Water= FREE!

Okay, so:

1 Vase + 1/3 bag jewels + 1 candle + 1 bush worth of silk orchids (2 blooms) = ~3.33 for ONE vase centerpiece. Times 21 vases (Assuming 1 per table) = $69.93. For two vases per table, multiply $69.93 by 2, for three, multiply by 3, and so on.

Hope I helped :)


Lo?e August 23, 2012 at 11:54 pm

Very inexpensive! Go to and in the search click “floating candle” or candle holder”. This website has the same candle holder as one of the links you showed us. the price is kinda spendy on them though. You could look at IKEA or a craft stores. Also try Craigslist. there are many brides who are giving or selling their wedding items!


April August 23, 2012 at 11:56 pm

To make the cost cheaper you will need to use fake flowers. I used fake orchids for my bouquets and no one could tell they weren’t real, and they got many compliments. You will cut the cost in half this way and you can put together the centerpieces ahead of time. If you use fake flowers you can even give away the centerpieces as thank you gifts to family or friends that spent time helping.

I used this website to order most all of my wedding craft supplies, as I did it ALL myself. The delivery and payment system was great and the products were nice. They have everything you need to make the picture you attached.

Cylinder Vase

Orchids-these are the ones i used, they are beautiful!

Candles also has a selection of vases for $1 each, they just aren’t as big.


Soon to be bride August 24, 2012 at 12:21 am

So you need at lease 3-4 candles per table. So you’re looking at 63-84 candle holders. I know this is going to sound cheap, but you can get decent looking glass containers at the dollar tree. If you go to their website, you can get items in bulk and have it shipped to the nearest store for free. Why spend $5 per glass when you can spend $1? That’s how I look at it anyway.

As for the candles, if you get them so they fit inside the glass perfectly, they don’t need to float really. But try walmart for floating candles. Maybe also look at Michael’s and ACMoore. I would avoid actual candle stores or you’ll pay through the roof. Try local discount stores such as Big Lots and Ollie’s. Don’t know if you have either of those but they carry overstocked items from other stores. Good prices.

For the flowers, don’t get real ones. It’ll be a waste of money. Try looking at Michael’s and ACMoore when they’re having a sale. They have some nice flowers and no one will know the difference.

Good luck and best wishes!


Mrs Noel ?6/19/2010? August 24, 2012 at 12:29 am

For the first picture, you could probably create that effect by gluing (you’d have to get good waterproof glue from a craft store) silk flowers to the bottoms of the floating candles. I’m not sure how they got the effect in the second picture, unless they used “gel candles”. Gel candles are relatively easy to make as far as procedures, but the wax for them is pretty pricey. (Trust me, lol, I considered making them for mine.) I’m doing something similar to these for mine. I got the vases at Dollar Tree. I just couldn’t see paying $10 for vases that I’m only going to use once, and these vases are pretty nice. I’m gluing a castle (cinderella theme wedding lol) on the bottom using waterproof glue that I’d mentioned before I’m adding water and a floating candle and calling it good. The floating candle link is the cheapest I’ve found anywhere. Even Hobby Lobby (when they’re half off) didn’t come close to these prices. Total for my centerpieces is $4.10 each.

*ADD* I totally didn’t see the post above with the candles for $1. That is your best deal if you want plain white. The candles that I included a link for are colored, and you can even send them a fabric swatch and they will make a custom color for you. If you are using Alfred Angelo’s colors, though, they already have candles to match and it’s the same name as AA’s colors. (You’ll have to look through all of their candles though, only some colors are listed on each listing.)


Ashley August 24, 2012 at 1:05 am

The first picture must be very popular because that is exactly what I’m doing for my wedding lol. So as the expert here, lemme tell you the route I went.

For the Vases:

They have large and small ones, so I am alternating those on the table.

I also found some beautiful fake flowers there but be careful when ordering because they come in an “assortment” of colors and you can’t order just one color. The cool thing about dollartree is that you can order in bulk. (and also that they are just a dollar)

Michael’s has floating candles for $2 bucks each which is the cheapest I’ve found them.


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