how to make a telefilm?

by DIY wedding planner on January 7, 2013

is it possible to make a telefilm using handicam?also wid low budget,how much i vl hav 2 invest i mean a rough figure,any tips u can giv

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KaKoLuKiYa January 7, 2013 at 6:05 am

Now a days it is possible and many are doing telefilms, but still if you need professional help you can contact any film Institute near by or browse Internet for addresses.
If it is about Life case studies, I am also interested


Shakeel January 7, 2013 at 6:12 am

These books are more general in nature but will give you a fair insight into filmmaking from the production end. Just know that there is no real protocol — which is why there is no definitive text for production. William Goldman is the funniest (and most sarcastic) his resume includes as screenwriter: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Princess Bride, and most recent, Hearts in Atlantis (check it out on imdb)

David Spaner,
Dreaming in the rain: how Vancouver became Hollywood north by northwest

Joan Irving,
Selling it: The Canadian marketing of Canadian feature films

Michael Wiese,
Producer to Producer: Insider tips for success in media

William Goldman:
Adventures in the screen trade
Which lie did I tell? More adventures in the screen trade

1st you need to learn these things

-The Feature Screenplay
Writing for the big and small screen
-Polishing your Craft
Developing your script
-Writing with a gun to your head
Writing for Television
-F$de In
An introduction to Screenwriting

-The Independent Filmmaker
A first-hand look into the filmmaking process
-Finding your Voice
The art of directing for the camera
-The Digital Filmmaker
How to fully exploit the creative aspects of digital storytelling
-Creating the Director’s Vision
Go inside the mind of the director as master artist
-A Week in the Hot Seat
Find out if you’ve got what it takes

-Producing Television
How to develop, finance and run a successful television production
-Insider’s Edge on Producing for Film
From soup to nuts on Indie production
-Producing 101
An introduction to Producing for film and TV

-The Tyranny of Ge$re
Documentary Master Class
-Ideas into Images
Making a marketable, meaningful, idea-driven documentary
-Documentary Stories: The making of a documentary
A story based examination of documentary filmmaking

-Acting for the Camera
Develop skills essential to creating unforgettable performances
-Auditioning for the Camera
Everything you need to know before going into an audition
-Putting Yourself in the Part with Barry Blake
An introduction to acting in front of the camera

-TV & New Media:
New Realities in Making them Work Together
What works when creating a new media component for a TV production

-Camera & Light: Technique & Aesthetic
featuring Hi-Def
How to use the language of light to support the director’s vision
-Production Design
Creating the right atmosphere
-Editing on Final Cut Pro
An introduction to non-linear editing


Very Helpful in film making, all tips and tricks


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