How to make small potted herbs?

by DIY wedding planner on September 6, 2012

I’m getting married in January and am doing some research for wedding favors and found some really cute DIY little potted herb plants. I would LOVE to do this, as i am going to culinary school so it is very fitting, however my wedding is in january and since i live in upstate new york, herbs dont exactly grow here in the winter months. any ideas on how i can still make these adorable little favors for my wedding? are there any herbs that i can grow easily in my house in the winter months? please be specific in your answers because i have no gardening experience. Thanks!

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Been There September 6, 2012 at 5:33 am

Plants are living things, and as such, require specific environments to do well. Germination occurs best with humidity and with bottom warmth = clear cover over the seed tray to keep moisture and humidity in, and set the tray on top of your fridge for bottom warmth.

Growing over the winter is very “iffy” unless you use a grow light … New York winter days are just too short. If you decide to grow them yourself, select one type of herb and grow only that … because plants grow at different speeds to different heights, and a grow light should be very close to the top of the plants. Plants without grow lights or too far from grow lights grow very long and spindly and weak … they LOOK sickly.

Another option is to see what a greenhouse might charge to grow and sell you potted herbs in January. Or a high school (my daughter’s high school offered horticulture classes, and the students grew plants to sell).

A third option is to have an herb bouquet at each table … supermarket parsley is inexpensive for a large clump and looks very pretty with in a small vase … maybe with a bit of baby’s breath as a play on garnishing the bouquet, or a bright ribbon on the pot.


munchies September 6, 2012 at 5:40 am

Being in Montreal, I can relate to what you are saying. It can get quite cold with low sunlight during that period of winter. However I love herbs and will not concede to buying herbs at the grocery store. I have a shelf over my kitchen counter, in front of a window facing south where I grow my mini garden of various potted herbs. There is a grow light over them to make up for the occasional lack of sunshine. Herbs, in general are very easy to grow and are not demanding as long as they have proper soil, water and sunlight.

I also have a hydroponic herb garden which is all self-contained including the grow light. All in all I get sufficient provisions of fresh herbs for the entire family all year round even during the cold months of our Canadian winters.

Another alternative are herb garden kits that offers all in the box complete packaging. There are various sizes, many choices of herbs groups such as Italian herbs, medicinal herbs, culinary herbs, tea herbs etc…


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