I am planning my wedding by myself and am starting to get stressed. Any suggestions, tips, inexpensive ideas? ?

by DIY wedding planner on May 18, 2013

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Ms.Razzle May 18, 2013 at 10:21 pm

I watch Whose Wedding Is It Anyway alot and they give alot of tips on there.

Dont stress about it. Weddings are suppose to be fun!!


KC May 18, 2013 at 11:10 pm

I’m sort of stealing other ideas I’ve seen around but a couple I’ve heard are hiring an amateur photographer from a local arts college(they’re usually just as good as a professional and cost like half), instead of using a DJ just get a laptop or ipod and make a playlist. You can include all the songs you want on it and can even ask your guests for requests ahead of the wedding so that you can put those songs on the list. Also, reducing the amount of flowers is a huge money saver, so instead of huge elaborate bouquets get something like a 3 lily bridal bouquet and instead of big centerpieces just use a candle. My friend just got married last month and she found her centerpiece candle at the DOLLAR STORE! no joke! good luck! hope this helps


blondie ;) May 18, 2013 at 11:25 pm

Well, I have never had a wedding (im only 16) but I’ll try to help.
What do you need?

Dress: sometimes you can find pretty ones when David’s Bridal has their $99 gown sale (at least what I’ve seen from the commercials)

The Reception: inexpensive dinner mints. Some people like to have food, like meat trays vegetable/dip trays. My cousin had two chocolate fountains that she found on sale, and that was really neat, white chocolate and milk chocolate. They small cups to get the chocolate, and plates to put fruit, mini marshmallows and pretzels on. They put out toothpicks for easy dipping.

Decorations: look for the best bargains in table cloths. Buy disposable paper ones. You can dress them up by adding confetti. For center peices you could find small fish bowls and buy those colored marbles that coordinate with your weding colors, fill them with water and put a floating candle in them, or a flower.


angelhaiku May 19, 2013 at 12:08 am

well… if you have a crafty eye, you can make pretty much most of the things you’ll need by yourself.

You can make your invites by hand. Saving a lot of money that way. Buy the kit from Target and just add some embellishments.

Buy your cake from a grocery store bakery… You’ll save about $400. And they can make pretty much any cake you want, just take in the photo.

Make your own table centerpieces. Buy the flowers from costco.com, then go to a local florist and rent the vases. Mine cost $2 each to rent. Then buy some ribbon. Arrange the flowers how you want, tie ribbons around the vases and wahlah! You have gorgeous centerpieces.

Good luck!


The new Mrs. G! May 19, 2013 at 12:23 am

Well, for starters, DO NOT hire a photo student for your wedding pics! That would be a huge mistake! Some of our best friends are wedding photogs and I’m tellin you that you will regret that. The things they say you should never go cheap on are photographer and DJ! The DJ is what most people remember from your night and can make or break a reception.

We hired DJ Connection for our wedding. They are based out of Tulsa OK, and travel to you. They are fairly inexpensive and totally rocked!

I made my invitations. Which I got the idea from 2 of my friends that also got married this year. Get creative! You can buy a plain white or ivory blank invite at any Michaels craft store and add ribbon, print what you want, add little crystals, etc. Then you can get online and have stamps made that have your names on them! :)

Another thing is to keep your wedding party to a minumum if possible. The more people, the gift you have to buy for them, and more people at the rehearsal dinner, the more hair and make-up… you get my drift.

Ask around if you know anyone that knows anyone that works in a floral shop! If you do, you can usually ask them to create your flowers and centerpieces for a fraction of the cost. Or if you know someone that works at a grocery store, they can usually get a big discount on buyingnthe flowers wholesale. Which is like nearly 50% off!

Instead of a cake you can order BIG cupcakes (not the homemade small size but the big ones) and it will be cheaper than a wedding cake and still be eligant since it won’t look like you were being cheap and made cupcakes… and people will get more cake! Plus you don’t have to pay for a cake cutting fee either this way. :) Or if you really wnt a cake, we only needed a 4 layer but I like the look of a 5 layer so we had a dummy cake (or a styrafoam bottom layer) covered in frosting decorated just like the rest of the cake. No one could tell it wasn’t real cake and only cost us $35, as opposed to $100 for another layer.

Another website is recycleyourwedding.com. It has tons of cheap, gently used weddding stuff.

Ebay is another great place to get things. I got my guest book and ring bearer pillow, etc on there for CHEAP!

Find a place that allows you to bring in your own caterer and alcohol is possible. You can save gobs of money there too. And some liquor stores will allow you to return any unused liquor to get your money back! :)

Check out the knot.com too for awesome ideas!


Fighting For Love (B2B 8/1/09) May 19, 2013 at 12:49 am

I think most of the brides on here are very much like you, I know I am. I’m planning on doing as much as possible DIY since you can usually do it cheaper then a professional.

I find the site stylemepretty.com helpful. They have a “DIY” section. And I’m personally using a lot of their ideas. and Bridalocity.com can be helpful. Also great wedding sites like Theknot.com list ways to save.

Doing your own flowers is a big task to undergo but it usually turns out to be much cheaper then a florist will quote you.

You could use a photographer that is just starting out or one that doesn’t have a degree. Also see if you have a talented family member or friend that could be a stand in for a pro. The photographer I’ll most likely be using goes to my church and is going to cut us a deal. Just make sure you see a sample of their work so you don’t get in over your head with someone who does a poor job.

Candles are cheaper centerpieces then flowers normally and you can get candles from the dollar store.

The dollar store is your friend: I found bubbles at my local Dollar Tree. 12 for a dollar, when I’d found them for much higher at party stores and wal-marts.

Use things that aren’t normally used in a wedding. They’ll mark up something just because it says “wedding” on it. Clearance can also be your friend…. A lot of people use white lights (like the ones you put on your Christmas tree) in a wedding so get them after Christmas so they’ll be on sale. I’m getting mine from the dollar store when they start doing clearance after Christmas.

Buying things online can normally save you a ton especially with ebay and most wedding websites have a store (the knot) and will have sales and clearances. Signing up for coupon e-mails from your favorite hobby store will help a lot too.

Good Luck.


shihtzulover123 May 19, 2013 at 1:36 am

Try Orientaltrading.com. They have a bridal catalog that is quite useful. Are you crafty at all? Do you have a friend who knows how to do flowers or can you? afloral.com has videos on bouquet and corsage making it is fairly easy. You can do it really. Especially in silks. They aleviate the last minute rush. Live flowers need to be refrigerated too. If you do your own flowers and use real ones, try growersbox.com,americanfloraldistributors.com or rosesource.com to order your flowers or you can get silks at a craft store and do ahead. Balloons on long ribbons and weighted down on tables makes very inexpensive centerpiece get these at your local party store. Reception foods from grocery/deli add some homemade salads,punch and coffee. Avoid alcohol it is expensive. Single bed sheets make good table cloths and are useful afterward ( curtains for you new home) or try stubbsprom.com for fairly cheap fabric by the bolt.ann’sbridalbargains have fairly inexpensive invites especially the seal and sends. Hope this gives you a few ideas to get started. Congratulations.


Michelle May 19, 2013 at 1:45 am

Hi, I would go to http://www.BeeBows.net and look at their Bridal Bouquets and decorations and Pew Bows. Good Luck!


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