I need as many idea’s as possible for a DIY wedding in Kitchener, Ontario?

by DIY wedding planner on December 8, 2011

My best friend is getting married in a year or so. She wants to do a fall wedding, and she wants to do as much of it as possible herself to save money. I would love any money saving and/or DIY ideas for weddings that you might have. Thanks :)

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Craftygirl7 December 8, 2011 at 11:02 am

I’m in the same boat as your bestfriend and I have a lot of great advice. I’ve been doing wedding research for months now. I want a beautiful wedding on a small budget. It’s very possible for me to have the wedding of my dreams without it looking tacky. I’m someone that doesn’t always follow the crowd. For my wedding day I want it to be unique. I plan on having a beautiful wedding on a small budget… way less than $10,000 dollars. Here is what I plan on doing:

I plan on having 100 or so people. Have as many guest as you want! My fiance and I will have budget of about $3,000. People might think my budget is too small and that having 100 guest at the wedding isn’t possible but to be quite honest, it is very possible. If you plan things correctly and she budgets her money she will have that nice wedding, without having to give up certain things… like cutting back on your guest. I truly think it’s very possible to have a DIY wedding! I want to prove to the wedding industry that I can do this! Here is the website that inspired me to have a not so stressful wedding on a budget: http://2000dollarwedding.com/

I’ve already found a wedding reception hall that is way under $1,000 and the place is beautiful. So I would suggest to you to find a hall that doesn’t just cater to weddings. Most halls can provide you with tables, chairs, utensils, kitchen, etc. I’m saving so much money! Most wedding venues are expensive. So choose a hall instead that doesn’t just cater to weddings. The reception hall I want to use will provide us with tables and chairs and a lot of other things as well. I don’t have to rent a dance floor. I might have to rent chair covers and table cloths. (Which I don’t mind.) The reception hall will also provide us with plates and few other kitchen items.

I think I’m going to recruit a lot of my family members and friends to help me out with the wedding. I want a family oriented wedding where my friends can feel as if their apart of my family. I don’t want a huge expensive show. That’s why I’m choosing to have a DIY wedding reception that looks expensive. Everyone I know is pretty creative. I’m a very crafty person so I plan on making all the wedding favors, wedding programs, boutonnieres, decorations, wedding invites, wedding pillow, etc. Making these things will be so much fun… I love being crafty. I found a beautiful brand new scrapbook in my room that I plan on using for my wedding as a guestbook. The cost: Free! I’ve got beautiful picture frames in my room of my fiance and I. Those pictures will be used at my reception. I even might have my finance and I grow our own flowers for the wedding. The more things that I can make by hand for our wedding, the more money my fiance and I will be saving. Which I believe to be true!

I found a restaurant that caters on great budget. I don’t plan on getting a fancy wedding cake from a bakery. I might just get myself a store bought wedding cake. My moms friend owns a dress shop and she can get me a great deal on a simple wedding dress. I might hire my aunt who takes professional looking pictures in her spare time to be my photographer for the wedding. I also know other people who too are good at photography. I will hire a DJ because my fiance and I love music so much. I think that I will be buying my own liquor for the wedding and having a family member of mine who doesn’t much like to dance be a bartender.

I’m so excited to be planning my wedding with my fiance. I think he’s going to be excited too. Were both crafty people. So we plan on using our imagination for this wedding. I love my fiance so much and I can’t wait for our special day that will occur sometime next summer. Wedding planning for me has been very exciting because I don’t feel so stressed out. My wedding is just one day and it’s day that I want to remember but I also want my family and friends to remember the day as well. When I first started doing wedding research I felt overwhelmed like I needed to have the best of everything at my wedding. Now I don’t feel that way thanks to the 2000 wedding budget website!!

When planning your wedding do stick to your budget. You will be so amazed how many cost effective things you can do at your wedding that won’t look cheap. People think that weddings that are inexpensive end up looking cheap. That is not true at all! Your wedding doesn’t have to cost a whole lot for it to be a beautiful wedding.

My bestfriend bought me this binder that is awesome. It’s called “Your Perfect Wedding Planner” by Cathy Bouchard. The binder is full 100 pages worth of information on how to plan for your wedding. She has check lists, places to store business cards, folders, etc. all inside this binder. It’s a great binder! It will keep you well organized for your wedding! So not only can I have the wedding of my dreams but I will also be well organized!


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