I need help planning a backyard wedding!?

by DIY wedding planner on May 3, 2012

My husband and I were married September 30th. Unfortunantly it was not a real wedding. So we plan to have our wedding on our first anniversary. We decided to have it in my parent’s backyard because we are financially struggeling. I have no experience with weddings and now I’m about to a do a DIY! I seriously need help! Just so you know its not a huge backyard, we are thinking about 60 people can fit (but we dont really know, I dont even know how to figure that out!) We do not have a lot of people to help because most live far away(no freebies except for the backyard). Also my parents dont have any trees in their backyard. So please any suggestions on where and/or how to get cheap rentals and decoration would be great. Please help I need ideas!

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Jenny Lynne May 3, 2012 at 4:53 am

If it is hot in September where you live. Go with the primary colors, red, blue, green and yellow. Use children’s swimming pools for the young ones and use plastic table cloths in yellow, have napkins in the other thee colors. Use mason jars with gerbera daisies for decorations. Use the big plastic tubs (at Wal Mart) for ice and cold drinks. Use gallon jugs (glass) of lemonade, pink lemonade, sangria and iced tea. Consider doing a bar b q or steaks or burgers. Google your area for tent rentals. Figure two burgers for men or two servings of bbq, use on buns, goes further and one for women. Children one or have a kid friendly menu if children will be present. Consider beverages in one cup servings, (with ice) with 3-4 servings per person, if hot and lemonade, any water based drink will ” fill the tum tum quicker”, one soda per serving and use the generic, store brand, if they are thirsty they will drink it. Consider Sam’s club or costco. Check with caterers for amount served. Also, have a simple salad with salad dressing, do not have cole slaw made with mayo if hot weather,, unless you can put on ice. BBQ, BAked beans, salad, corn on cob or some sort of potato, and dessert, plenty. Burgers, pickles and chips, with lettuce, tomato and mayo/mustard that has not been opened or refrigerated.


fairypelican May 3, 2012 at 5:16 am

SORRY- BUT you are already married – so you HAVE HAD the REAL WEDDING.
What you will be having is a vow renewal or anniversary celebration – not a wedding.

A wedding is the act of getting married , whatever form that takes.
it is the exchange of vows in a ceremony performed by an authorised celebrant & witnessed my 1/2 people acording to your local laws.
It is NOT the fancy dress, elaborate venue, flash cars , favours etc. These things have no bearing on you being married.

Anyhow have a look at the following site for some DIY ideas.


archives sections – DIY , budget weddings


diamondcollector May 3, 2012 at 5:19 am

you are already married. don’t embarras yourself by doing a fake wedding re-do. have a dignified wedding anniversary celebration.

regarding your cookout. here’s a tea recipe.

big igloo cooler with a spout. lipton dried tea in a jar. ice, sugar to taste. few drops of peppermint extract.

i like jennylynnes ideas. have each guest bring a chair.


Kristian May 3, 2012 at 5:45 am

Wel I find alot of good deals on decorations here http://www.homeseasons.com/ they have free shipping too


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