Ideas for Pixar themed wedding reception?

by DIY wedding planner on December 10, 2011

My sweetheart and I are getting married in July. We are considering a somewhat Pixar-themed wedding because he is a digital arts major and I really enjoy the sweet/romantic/playful aspect of some of the movies. We are on a tight budget and we are only inviting about 30 guests. Most of the wedding will be DIY.

Here is the idea I have for our wedding cake and cake topper:

For table centerpieces, I was thinking we could make 3D replicas of the house from the movie UP using heavy cardstock. We could tie helium balloons to each house. Then, we could put candy or small wedding favors inside or around the houses.
Here is a printable template of the house I was thinking to use:—up-house-with-balloons-t/

However, I don’t know if this template will be large enough or sturdy enough to serve as a centerpiece.

I know this isn’t conventional wedding decor. But I think it could be really sweet and fun if we don’t overdo it. The wedding ceremony itself will not have a Pixar theme. Just our theme colors (blue, white, and possible one more color we haven’t decided on yet.) It will be held in a small church.

Please include only CONSTRUCTIVE criticism in your responses. Like I said, we don’t want to go overboard- we just want something simple, fun, and budget-friendly. I would love to hear some creative ideas. Thanks! <3

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jennababe_68 December 10, 2011 at 5:53 am

Yes i think it would be cute if you didnt over do it. But i dont know about balloons at a wedding, it seems a little to prom-ish to me.
What about if you used large suckers to look like balloons and scale down the house a bit
or you could do different themed tables, one to look like Up with a house and candy balloons, monsters with lil mini door cakes and green and blue flowers, bugs life with a garden theme…
you could also do seating cards on doors like in monsters inc.


Raven December 10, 2011 at 6:09 am

Look at this couples “Up” wedding themed from Disney’s Pixar:


Katie December 10, 2011 at 6:18 am

That cake topper is so cute! My fiance loves that movie and would proabably want that cake topper if he saw it lol
I think if you got the right kind of paper, that template would work, i’m not artsy in that kind of way, but you could proabably make it work.

I think if you did like a green for your other color, that would be cute, like something from the movie Ants maybe?


Meg December 10, 2011 at 6:38 am
Nera December 10, 2011 at 6:48 am

I think it is a really unique idea. That cake topper is so cute, it’s ridiculous! Maybe instead of little “Up” houses, you should do one on a larger scale for the gift or food table. Then you only have to deal with one, good-sized balloon bunch. I don’t agree that it would look prom-y because it goes with the theme; there is a point to it. Maybe you could get a second-hand dollhouse on eBay or a dollhouse kit and tie the balloons to that. Here is two that look similar… and

I was going to suggest the same as the other poster and theme each table to a different movie. Maybe you could order a large figurine from different movies for each table, such as this Wall-E toy on eBay…

You could get them quite inexpensively on eBay (since you won’t need many) and then instead of numbering your tables, you could give them the movie names & make little seating cards with the character pictures on them. Place a few bowls of candy around the centerpiece and skip the flowers to save money. Found these adorable movie-themed photo frames that you could use as favors/place card holders ($56 for 30):

Alternatively, you could do bright, floral centerpieces and place smaller figurines “peeking” out of the flowers.

Also, this is Oscar-time and the party stores are stocked up on supplies. I’m decorating my son’s room in a movie theme and they had a ton of stuff that would be cute. Miniature clipboards were like $4, VIP backstage passes, “Now Showing” and “In Theaters” signs. I got a bag full of stuff for $25. You could definitely incorporate some of this stuff into your decor and it will all be on clearance on Feb 28th. Oh and while you’re at the party store, check out what they have for decor in your movie themes. Maybe there will be a couple things that aren’t cheap or cheesy looking that you can pick up.

If you’re going to be announced into your reception to music, maybe you could pick something like “Married Life” from the Up soundtrack (the instrumental song that plays when they show Carl’s life with his wife). Perhaps you could pick your first dance song from one of the Disney films. I looked over the Pixar song list and there is not much that would fit. Okay, think I’m out of ideas. Good luck!


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