I’m DIY-ing my bouquets for my wedding…. should i use silk or the real thing?

by DIY wedding planner on July 8, 2012

and if I use real flowers, can I make them on Friday if the wedding is on Saturday? how long to the flowers last? I’m getting married mid September, which flowers do you recommend are easiest for DIY bouquets?
Which is cheaper? Silk or real flowers?

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Sarah July 8, 2012 at 5:31 am


Use real flowers, silk take to long to make. Get easy to put together flowers, like mini callas, they look extraordinary and are so simple yet elegant. Do something like this http://www.terraflowersmiami.com/images/TFM-WB337%20(2).JPG.
Get the flowers from someone that sells them direct from the farm like this http://www.flowerexplosion.com/by-flower/callas/mini-calla-lily/orange-mini-callas.html that way they will last longer. Therefore you can get them at least 2 days before your wedding do the arrangements, relax the day before and finish details. And enjoy your wedding on the actual day!

Maybe this will help http://www.flowerexplosion.com/products/wedding-kits/standard-collection-calla.html.

http://www.416-florist.com/bmz_cache/4/407a19c9d69be0ccf1eef61dda81615b.image.300×300.jpg this one is simple and beautiful.

Best wishes and good luck!!


karli r July 8, 2012 at 6:20 am

I know a bride who made her own bouquets and they were really simple and easy to make. She just had about 2 dozen white roses with thick satin ribbon wrapped around the stems. The bridesmaids had smaller bouquets of the same thing. She just stuck them in a vase overnight and they were fine. This would work really well with calla lilies too.


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