I’m trying to plan a wedding with the least cost as possible.. ideas please?

by DIY wedding planner on February 24, 2014

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Nicky February 24, 2014 at 6:51 pm

Make a budget and stick w/ it. There are a lot of places to cut costs. Its just the way you budget I think. Think of what matters the most on your day and allow more money for that. You can always find cheaper alternatives or ways to cut costs on flowers, cake, invitations, venue (day of the week), reception (food, open bar, length of time).


Cupcake February 24, 2014 at 7:23 pm

Having supportive fam who is willing to help on either side (your fam or his) is great and friends Communication is the key search for venues for less or rec centers or do an outdoor wedding


mich February 24, 2014 at 7:43 pm

The wedding,

You, future spouse, and a justice of the peace.

Courtroom wedding is the cheapest you can do


Kiwi is my bird-o February 24, 2014 at 8:10 pm

Cut all the unnecessary crap (like menus and programs), and enlist the help of your family and friends for the big things. For our wedding my mom will be making my dress and my bridesmaids dresses, his mom is baking our cake, a friend is doing the photography for a super rate, me and my fiance are making our invitations out of birch bark (which peels off like sheets of paper and is really pretty), I’m making fabric flowers out of scrap pieces I have instead of a traditional boquet (plus I can keep them forever), we’re holding a potluck at a lake (no catering costs because guests are bringing food and it’s free to have it at the lake), our favors are going to be homemade pickles or strawberry jam (whichever one our garden produces most of this year), and we’re only inviting 30 people. In all (excluding our rings), our wedding will only cost $800. And our family members are so happy we asked them to help with such big parts of our wedding. Try asking people in your family or close circle of friends to help with things they are good at, like baking the cake or making your dress. They’ll be thrilled to help, you’ll have very one of a kind elements, and it’ll be free to you (just ask for these things as your wedding gift from that person). And remember, you don’t have to have a million dollar wedding, it is more important what is happening (marrying the love of your life), not how much you spent to make that happen. Congrats and good luck!


The cow goes 'Shazoo!' February 24, 2014 at 8:35 pm

Of course the cheapest the justice of the peace. Just just you, your future husband, and your witnesses if they are required where you live. But this is “getting married”, not “a wedding” which is essentially a big party. If that’s what you want, then get as much free or cheap stuff as possible. Have the ceremony in your parents’ backyard. Wear your mother’s wedding dress, or if it’s not possible, buy a white sundress, or prom dress after the prom season. Borrow your jewelry from relatives, or buy fakes at Claire’s, who cares nowadays. Wear flowers in your hairs instead of a veil. Send your invites via e-mail,even old relatives have e-mail now and if the invite is elegant it is now acceptable. For food, buy pre-made platters from Costco (cheese & cracker, cold cuts, vegetables and dip, salads, etc.), same thing for the cakes. Get your rings as simple as possible, just plain gold bands, maybe from a pawn shop. Don’t have a DJ, just make a playlist on your Ipod and hit “shuffle”. Ask a relative to make your cake, or buy regular cupcakes in white or any pastel colors and arrange them artfully on a tiered cake platter.

What’s with the thumbs down, my answer is similar to that of other people: backyard, DIY, etc.


imara219 February 24, 2014 at 8:56 pm

Do as much DIY and family help as possible. My co-worker is a great photographer, she’s doing our wedding for free. Another co-worker is doing our engagement photos. My programs cost 25 bucks, and it was a DIY project, they turned out great. Try using Walmart or the grocery story bakery to get your cake made. That’s what we were going to do but I found someone from craigslist that is starting on wedding cakes, but used to do birthday cakes at a great price. Only 60 bucks for a 2 tier cake.

Another idea is to cut your guest list. We originally had 45 people but that surpassed our budget so we cut it down to 30.

You can most likely, DIY with menus (I did it cost me 8 bucks), invites (find the inviation sets from Khol’s/Walmart/Michael’s which cost 20-40 bucks) also you can DIY programs, decor, etc. I assigned a family member as the day of coordinator, and she was talented enough to help with the decor. My flowers for the ceremony, bouquets, etc was 200 bucks. But they stretched for our dining room centerpieces, our bouquets, corsages, so forth. That price could have been cut in half if I would have used silk flowers from Walmart. You can also, DIY favors. We’ve decided to do a fruit market theme but before that I was going to bake the favors (you don’t need to have favors).

If you can find a venue that lets you bring in alcohol, think of going to alcohol warehouses/consignment shops to buy large bulks of what you want. If your venue won’t let you bring in alcohol just have a compromise with a cash bar, perhaps certain drinks are friend but hard liqour is not, etc. Offer only the signature drink as the alcoholic beverage.

There are a lot of dumb things you don’t have to buy, aisle runners, cake cutting set, toasting set. I can only see you buying this if your venue is charging you a lot for cake cutting fee.

Our family members are providing the food for the cocktail hour, but our dinner is catered. We kept looking around for a good deal with food catering and found it. I’m still thinking it’s a bit high but we spent 400.00 for 35 plates.

Think of decor ideas that could be cheaper and nicer, there are a lot of Mason Jar decor ideas that look cute, tea cups, etc. Just search the internet for good ideas. I saw a lot of non-floral centerpieces/favor ideas.

Our budge twas 3k and I spent 3400, I could have trimmed the budget in some places, like I didn’t really need a make-up artist or weave, I could have chosen a different hairstyle and done my own make-up.


Cranberry February 24, 2014 at 9:40 pm

Visit the budget ideas page of mareeyah.com… The list of ideas there is too long to enumerate here, but I’ll share with you a few general ideas:

* If you have plenty of time and hands to help, DIY almost everything you can possibly do.
* Sign up for a wedding registry to get gifts that you really need/want, and not a dozen toasters.
* Cut down on the number of attendants you will have to save on the number of gifts that you need to buy for them.
* Cut down on your guest list too. Invite only the people who really mean something to you and your groom.
* A civil wedding at the court house is free and can help you save on expenses such as officiant’s fee. The fees for the paper works will be all you’ll need to spend on.
* If you insist on a church wedding, there are actually some churches that do weddings for free. Find one and have your wedding there.
* Check out bridal magazines. They usually have lots of ideas on how to cut down on wedding expenses. They may also have some discount coupons and raffles that may be worth trying.
* Don’t settle for the first vendor you meet. Instead, keep on looking around well ahead of time so you can compare prices and get the best offer. Don’t forget to get other brides’ opinions too.
* Sometimes, the location of your wedding and where you buy stuff for you wedding affect your expenses. You may consider a destination wedding. In the third-world countries, for example, you can have a grand, lavish wedding for less than $5,000.
* Check out certain newspapers that have discount coupons you can use when purchasing at craft stores.
* Visit your local dollar store and see what items you need that they have and that you can buy in bulk, therefore, at a much cheaper price.
* Another good place to look around are those garage sales. You may find almost new items at very cheap prices, such as table linens, vases, eating/serving utensils, jewelry, and, if you’re in luck, even left-over craft materials, such as beads, ribbons, etc., that you can use for your favors, decorations and other accessories.
* Remember your friends who had their own weddings recently. They may have purchased stuff for their weddings that you might need for yours. Use the “something borrowed” excuse.


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