Is there ANY website that gives you DIY ideas for a wedding? I am doing my own flowers & decorations.?

by DIY wedding planner on December 7, 2011

My caterer is also used to only doing heavy hor’ derves, and we are having a buffet meal. Do you have any tips for what foods to request?

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kjohn December 7, 2011 at 9:13 pm

There is a great wedding web page called the knot! Check them out, they have a lot of useful information on them. Congratulations and good luck.


moma December 7, 2011 at 10:09 pm

Look in ebay and you can easily find an idea of what to make. A good thing to use is styrofoam. I just had a party for my 5 year old and cut crowns out of thema dn painted them. I included rhinestones and they were beautiful. We also did a baby shower and used the round styrofoam and cut out a piece of the regular one to make it look like a pacifier. People sell all types of thing and if your creative you can do just about anything. Good luck.


Nina December 7, 2011 at 10:25 pm

If it is a Summer Wedding I would go light and traditional
Fruit and Vegetables Shrimp Salads Tuna and Salmon
I could say a cheese cube tray Chocolate Fountain of White Chocolate or Milk Chocolate with secures cookies, cakes, carmels on secures of marshmallows, banana, fruit nugates or jellys raspberry and orange. I also saw a site to get the thank your guest for comming with a wrapper of you and your mate on the cover to remember the event with a sweet chocolate bar inside to date the event and the back had a listing of your memories about what will hold your marriage together like no fights at night or 100% faith and trust and lots of kisses. To little light rifts that a child can relate to in the photo album ad your futrue child may see the wrapper in your photo album and you do not want to explain the birds and bees too soon…I would go Martha Steward on the flowers as she does a ribbon and pins wrap on the hand flowers and to add lace and satin to the napkins a special looking pin that is not worth much or a dinner ring plastic lots of things with the date on the items so your guest will remember your special day. I wanted a big find on the DJ services to have Video and Audio and music to my time line and another room for the childrens rap stuff. I wanted all the holiday foods as I like to eat and real mememorable as I may be ill in the future or have a physical loss with MS to my walking the Video and Pictures are a must to play like the Price is Right lots of party games with my wedding party and the time to send shout outs and advice on the smaller videos to be added into the main large tape or CD that I would view often. I wanted separate pictures highlights of color on black and white like the flowers in color or the rings in color and lots of separate head shots of my girls and his fellas and lots of glamour shots of me in the dress and casual and lots of glamour shots of him like George Micheal of Wham on You Tube…of like loving angles of him…Thoughts back to our childhood before we met items in school clubs ,band the linger up our lives of side by side age time line school photos to baby shots. I wanted children of small age to walk up with rings for me to give him a little boy and the rings for him to give me a little girl with Moms front and center to coax them down the isle with the pillows….cute but rehersed to be collected again after their walks to represent us and younger ages… I am 41 and never married waiting for Mr. Right This is my idea to be a wedding diva. I want to be all over my wedding. Best of love God Bless and I kind of want to be in the winners circle for best written vows and lots of prayers to stay together and do not let anyone come in between…No cheating…solid


iloveweddings December 7, 2011 at 10:31 pm

Hi. The buffets that are usually done where I live are:

~ Tossed Salad
~ Chicken
~ Roast Beef
~ Mashed Potatoes and gravy
~ Baby Red Potatoes
~ 2 kinds of vegetables
~ A couple of other salads — i.e., pasta salad, jello salad
~ Rolls


Ginger Y December 7, 2011 at 10:40 pm

I made my own flowers and pew decorations as well as center peices.

I had my wedding in December of 07. Colors were red and black. I used candles in a glass holder with red ribbon holding them onto the pews.
My bouquet was very simple. I got the basic how-tos at You can find flowers half price about every other week at Michaels too. They look beautiful in the pictures and were quick and easy to make before hand.
The center peices were just wreaths (my MIL makes real Christmas wreaths) and we just put hurricane lanters with candles in them.
I can send pics if you are interested. It saved me a LOT of money, since we were on a pretty tight budget


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