Just for fun, Indie/Nerd?

by DIY wedding planner on February 15, 2012

This might sounds odd, but I am not sure which “group” or what have you I fit into. I have been called “indie” various times, because I like the music. But I don’t consider my self anything, maybe a bit of a nerd or a geek. I like reading, I like star trek, I like science fiction novels (anything by Kurt Vonnegut) I am pale o.0, I like “indie” films I suppose, I wear thrifted stuff, I sew my own clothes too, my favorite book is the princess bride, I’m intrested in buddhism, I am vegetarian, I ride my bike everywhere and I actually have more in common with my teachers than my classmates.

So, for a laugh, what would you call me?

(I know we are all different ect, and that we can’t just be thrust in one stereotype, but I am just curious here)

Thanks x) (and please don’t take this seriously at all!)

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Rutgers Student February 15, 2012 at 5:53 am

you sound like a modern day hippie to be honest.


V???? T? February 15, 2012 at 6:32 am

You are indie! Because you are different, probably the sort of person that is into cool things that most other people don’t know about. Indie means you are not mainstream. Eg. Most others listen only to the shxtty music on the radio, but you listen to indie, which is really cool.. And thrifted clothes are awesome! I would call you indie, because you are different, but not in a nerdy loser-ish way. I would not call you a nerd or geek.


COMFORTER February 15, 2012 at 7:16 am

HI, you are being yourself .Readings good so is star trek, and music is great too I don’t know what indie is never heard of it .It’s ok to be yourself but if you try and be something your not then you,will look stupid even if you are smart PLEASE BE YOURSELF..


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