Looking for wedding card invitation matter?

by DIY wedding planner on November 2, 2012

One of my friend in getting married. She needs some wedding card invitation matter. Below is the template message I have. Can someone help me find some cute messages to express their marriage invitation and that they are tieing their sweet knot..


we are stepping into a new beginning of wedded life
“We will share our tomorrows and all that they hold…”

Spare us a day in June
When your calendar shows Sunday, the 30th,2002
and as your clock creeps between 9:30 and 10:30 AM

We request the pleasure of your company at
XXXX (Venue)
Also join us for the reception
on Sunday, the 14th of July
between 6 and 9 PM
XXXX (Venue)

With new dreams, new hopes, new aspirations
and a desire to achieve new horizons

Thanks all
Andie.. I couldn’t open the links you’ve sent.. can you please resend it..


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