Make your own wedding cake toppers?

by DIY wedding planner on August 7, 2012

I am planning on getting married next year, me and my fiance have been having a small problem finding a bride and groom cake topper that looks like us, usually everyone we see is dark haired or blonde haired and every groom has short hair. My groom has long hair and a goatee, I have red hair. Does anyone know a website that has more custom brides and groom cake toppers or maybe suggestions for a DIY?

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Nicole B August 7, 2012 at 1:46 am

I made my own, I made little frames out of pipe cleaners (the craft ones) and hand sewed them a little suit and dress. For the heads, hands and his shoes (I didn’t have shoes, just a flowing dress) I used a cake art modeling paste, made from sugar and vegetable gum. I got it from a craft store. I made a little bouquet our of material and paper. I also had a little veil from a lacey scrap held in with half a white paper clip. The pipe cleaned frames were build on to cooking skewers, which is how I secured the figures onto the cake. The clothes where stuffed with cotton balls to fill them out.
I thought they looked fantastic. I was able to make them resemble my self and my husband. I was also able to have him standing behind me with his arms around me. We had a lot of positive comments.

Alternatively, you can have them custom made. Tho that is obviously going to be more expensive.

There are more out there, google is your friend.


Ashley August 7, 2012 at 2:32 am

Here is a few websites you can look at: < -This has custom made cake toppers but they are pricey.

You can do a mix and match cake topper and make your own stand that they can be on–Caucasian-Redhead-Bride_p_129.html <-A redheaded bride cake topper

As for the groom you can look at one you like and see if you can somehow put long hair on them with it still looking good and maybe paint a bride’s hair red.

Also depending on your bakery if they are good at molding figures you can see if they can do it. You can have them make a cake topper from either gum paste, fondant, modeling chocolate, etc that looks like you guys. And then have them put it on the top of your cake. That is what I was thinking of doing for mine because the cake topper I love only comes with a blonde caucasian bride and a caucasian groom and I’m asian and my fiance is caucasian so I was going to see if my bakery can personally make one. And you can buy a personalized cake topper to put behind them.


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