Music/concert themed wedding invitation wording?

by DIY wedding planner on December 6, 2011

I have no idea how to word my concert/wedding themed invitations.
Here’s some info:
We are paying ourselves, with some help from our parents
Married in church at 2:00
then reception at 6:00
The invites are designed like mini concert posters and the reply cards are tickets.

on the save the dates we call the church the “opening act” and the reception the “headliner” But I have NO idea how to word things on the invites.

Does the reception get its own little card or is it included on the invite?

Some samples would be very much appreciated!
I wasn’t really asking for an opinion about my wedding, I was asking for wording, and the guest will be invited for cocktails and a few snacks at our home during the intermission. We have an extremely large room where we have fit over 100 people in it comfortably.

Our wedding is meant to be different and the wording for the Opening act, and headliner stays. Because thats exactly what they are. The opening act is the church, which leads into the headliner, the party.

I’m looking how to word my invites, not an opinion of what I should do for my wedding.

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fizzy stuff December 6, 2011 at 3:26 am

And what are the guests meant to do during the intermission?


Messykatt December 6, 2011 at 3:55 am

The layout and theme of the invites sounds really nice, but everything else you’re mentioning does not. On the invites, don’t get too clever with them, and don’t re-name the ceremony and reception. It’s way too cutesy, and the way you’re doing it sounds like the ceremony is less important to you than the reception.

Finally, this long of a gap is a huge irritant to guests. You’ll find that a lot of them, regardless of what they say on the RSVP cards, will end up attending only one part of it (unless you have some sort of unique plans for what they do for 3.5 hours).


Because I Said So December 6, 2011 at 4:37 am

I think you should stick with the traditional formal wording, don’t go overboard with the metaphors. That’s ok for the STD cards but not a formal invitation.

I’ve gotten some invitations recently that have a quote or song lyrics at the top, before the invitation text begins. You could use a line or two from the song you’re using as your first dance, or a few bars from the sheet music of your processional or recessional music.

Then since you’re hosting the wedding without your parents, it just goes like this:
jane marie smith
robert david perry
together with their parents
request the honor of your presence at their marriage
june fourth, two thousand eleven (you have to spell it all out)
two o’clock in the afternoon
sun city botanical gardens
sun city, AZ
reception to follow the ceremony at six o’clock

Then you enclose a separate reception card that lists the time and place of the reception, and directions.


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