need diy wedding favor, decor, centerpiece ideas?

by DIY wedding planner on December 8, 2011

hi, my youngest sister is getting married :)
she is in school, he is in the army, needless to say neither has much money.
i don’t either but would like to help where i can as far as decorations, centerpieces, and wedding favors.
i’m researching this online, but am wondering if any of you folks have any ideas as well.
her wedding is in december, not sure on the number of guests yet (although i believe it will be around or over 100), and her wedding colors will be white, green, and silver.
i’ve found some inexpensive favor bags with (clear with silver) that i could fill with white and green m&m’s or something of that nature….

i appreciate any and all ideas!
please please please keep cost in mind, i have very little to spend.
by the by, the marriage is in december because of a timing issue. she doesn’t necessarily want a winter or christmas theme…

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Julia December 8, 2011 at 4:48 pm

Anything you make will be cost effective, especially if you buy the items at the dollar store. Fake silk flowers are great for centerpieces, and she can give them to her family after the wedding. (I did that.) Sometimes you can find nice wicker baskets at the Salvation Army for like a quarter.


NorthDumpling December 8, 2011 at 5:33 pm

Sounds like you got the favors done. I agree, dollar stores offer inexpensive floral pieces you can put in a basket or pick up a few terracotta pots and spray paint it silver to match your sister’s colour. Look at your surrounding for pine cones, pine, woody plants with berries that you can use for the centrepiece. Good luck!


;-( ;-) December 8, 2011 at 6:14 pm

I absolutely love this color combo for a December wedding.
I gathered some of my best, and least expensive, ideas together for this wedding.
Hope this helps!!!
You can make her a stunning white fur stole. This screams Christmas! Also, it is rather inexpensive to make. (You really only need about a yard! So about $8.) And to imitate the radiant look of snow, wear silver jewelry and decorate your hair with a beautiful tiara.
Tiaras can be bought at Wal-Mart for under $10.
Always, pure white is a wonderful color for your bridal gown, particularly during the winter months.
For the ceremony, you can make your own wreaths from materials that you buy at your nearest dollar store. Remember that only every other pew/chair needs a decoration and put these on a diagnol so that when you look down the aisle, they wreaths look off kilter and mismatched. It will look stunning.
Mistletoe hung in strategic places and tied with a nice bow would also look festive and elegant. The most elegant of looks is also the most simple of looks. A few bows…pearl sprays, pieces of sheer fabric, maybe some Christmas lights…that’s all you really need to create an elegant Christmas wedding.
I would also decorate a Christmas Tree in all Silver Decorations.
If you don’t have all Silver stuff, borrow it from family and friends.
Trust me, they will be happy to help!
Now for the Centerpieces. I would do one of the two following.
1) Choose different people to decorate and assemble a different table for the reception. If you have 12 tables, ask 12 different people to decorate a table. They can do a Christmas Centerpiece, plates of their fine Christmas China, some utensils, and napkins.
Trust me. If you tell everyone your colors, they will pull it together.
Friends and family love helping out. And they will be more than excited to show off some of their stuff.
2) If you don’t like the mismatched idea (although free) from above, there are other inexpensive ideas. One that I like in particular, is a lot of candles. Lots and lots. And guess what??? They sell packs of 6 for a dollar at the dollar store. Green ones will be plentiful after Thanksgiving. believe it or not, the tops of individual Sparklett’s type water bottles work well. Take the lid off and then, using a straight edged blade, cut off the top part of the bottle. It will look a little like an inverted champagne glass without the stem. You can cover the ridges where the lid screwed on with ribbon to match your decor. A ring of pine tree around the base of the “candle holder” will camouflage it and leave you with an inexpensive, yet elegant looking decoration. To make it a little more decorative, put a silver bow. Put about 3 on each side of a rectangular table and then do the following:
1) Go outside and start hunting up pinecones &evergreen branches.
2) Then get a package or two of Chinette plates.
3) Turn them upside down and start to hot/medium glue the pinecones around the outer edge of the plates. (do this in a haphazard kind of way…nothing in any kind of order)
4) Take a bunch of the pine branches and pine needles and glue them to the plate as well.
5) Now in the center of the plate, place a glass votive candle holder w/candle, or get 1 pillar candle per table and cut it in half and glue each half (or votive) on the center of the plates.
6) Now cover the tops of the candles and spray the entire plate with fake snow to make it look like it’s just had a light dusting of snowfall.

For favors, buy silver ornaments and take slips of paper with their names and wedding dates on them with a green bow.

have fun.
Plan away.


iloveweddings December 8, 2011 at 6:35 pm

OK….if you are on a limited budget, please know that favors are totally OPTIONAL.

~ If you do insist on something, definitely go with candy. It may be cheaper to just go with some Hershey Kisses in the favor bags. NOTE: The Hershey Kisses will take up more room in the bags, which means you will need less. M&M’s are small….so you would need more to make the bag look nice.

~ Now, another idea would be to do the Hershey Kisses, but in BOXES (not the mesh bags) and then stack them on a plate/box and use THAT as a centerpiece. This idea is from Martha Stewart Weddings:

~ Decorations: You can never go wrong with some candles! Very inexpensive (dollar stores) and always very pretty.


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