Oh yikes. Indie/Nerd/ WHAT?!?

by DIY wedding planner on January 31, 2012

This might sounds odd, but I am not sure which “group” or what have you I fit into. I have been called “indie” various times, because I like the music. But I don’t consider my self anything, maybe a bit of a nerd or a geek. I like reading, I like star trek, I like science fiction novels (anything by Kurt Vonnegut) I am pale o.0, I like “indie” films I suppose, I wear thrifted stuff, I sew my own clothes too, my favorite book is the princess bride, I’m intrested in buddhism, I am vegetarian, I ride my bike everywhere and I actually have more in common with my teachers than my classmates. My favorite band is She & Him ;)

So, for a laugh, what would you call me?

(I know we are all different ect, and that we can’t just be thrust in one stereotype, but I am just curious here)

Thanks x) (and please don’t take this seriously at all!)

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Scott January 31, 2012 at 5:27 am

“kid” which is what I call most anyone I’m not close enough to, to assign another nickname. So stop dreaming of Picard while listening to Death Cab and watching Juno. haha…… *sigh* Listen kid, we are what we wish to be, you are whatever you make yourself. I’m everything…. literally I have more hobbies than fingers and toes times 5. How do I define myself it’s hard. Financially I suppose I’m a dairy farmer but a lot of my income also comes from roofing and bee keeping. I also sell art but that’s another story. I’m writing a book I’ve got enough poetry to publish 3 but I’m waiting to publish them with my novel. I’m working on yet another painting and soon to start another sketch(the last one took 5 years to complete). I do photography though not professionally for some time. I listen to everything from Bach to Bush and everything in between. My music lists have at least 20 genres haha sometimes with only 20 songs. I read books that are at least a century old though I prefer 15th century authors. I’m working on 2 new sculptures, a chainsaw carving. I watch all kinds of movies…. What am I? Well to be honest with you “Just Scott” is the best description I’ve found thus far.


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