Wedding dress dillema?

by DIY wedding planner on October 30, 2012

I’m very happy to be getting married this year, I’m on a tight budget so not doing anything too fancy,just a nice setting maybe 100 ppl. tops. My issue is that I ask my mom for help with the catering, but she prefer to buy my wedding dress and of course I’m excited, but she wants to spend over $4,000 for my dress ( more the half of the cost for my wedding), kindly,I ask if I can purchase a less expensive dress, used dress or even rent a dress, and then maybe she can help with the cost, of course she said no, her reason you may ask? well, she wants me to have an nice expensive dress, not used or cheap, and that I should cut the cost in other areas for the wedding, like the flowers, food, etc.. So, I’m just trying to understand her logic, because it seem odd for me to have this wonderful very expensive dress but cut all the other expenses. My budget is only $5,000 so alot of stuff are DIY and donations from family and friends from both sides. Just a little background, I’m the youngest of 10 children, and the only one (girl) to have a wedding, so is this just a is this just a mom thing? Please give mature answer please, I really trying to understand from a mom or another bride point of view..

Thanks in a advance.
I’m loving everyone answers so far, I may be to practical for my mom taste, i just done believe spending that much money, and my mom seems like that what she wants to spend, if I tell hers it’s $2000, she going say that’s too cheap, and my venue is not that grand for this kind of wedding dress, so what I should’ve also asked is, how can I convince her not to spend that much money? I feel I might turn her gift down but I really don’t wanna hurt her feelings.

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