wedding help, need to know how to hang tulle as ceiling draping.. DIY projects?

by DIY wedding planner on April 18, 2012

Hello my wedding is coming soon, I am doing my own project to hang ceiling draping something like this

But more draping I was wonderinf if anyone did this their selfs and what was the best way to do it? What fabric did you use and how much? I have a good size room but not two big for the reception I am getting about 100yards of tulle very cheap at surplus city. I just wanted to get some ideas on how people hung their draping or know any good videos to watch on how to hang it.

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Bliss April 18, 2012 at 5:57 am

You better check and make sure they’ll allow you to do this yourself. We wanted to do the same thing with lights in the tulle but our hall won’t let us, BUT they will do it for us for a small fee ($75) and that’s with them using their own tulle and lights so we don’t have to buy any. We also found a decorating place who would have done it for $125, that was for the rental of the tulle (or satin) and lights plus them putting it up and taking it down. You could check around and see if anyone is willing to do that…just a thought!


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