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by DIY wedding planner on December 8, 2011

Hello!! Well I am a not so newly engaged grl…I got engaged in July of 2010 and at first was so excited to plan our wedding the next day. Some things came up and planning has been put on hold. Now we decided to get back at the planning and make this a real lovely occasion.
We are hoping the date will be 11.11.11!! Not sure if we can find a place but were hoping!
Definetely November though!
Me and my fiance are young 20 and 21. In November we both will be 21.
It is definetly going to be a budget wedding. Not sure how much but the cheaper the better. I don’t at all mind doing thing myself or getting my hands dirty to have things a certain way. So basically I am asking if anyone has any ideas maybe budget savers. It is definetely going to be a small wedding maybe just 100 guests. Open bar is a must! lol Were both from chicago and are hoping to have it at a hall in Cicero, hoping to get some more details this weekend.
Thankfully my soon to be mother-in-law is an excellent baker so she will be proving the cake.
I’m hoping to make own centerpieces and little party savers just not sure which direction to go. Planning on having 3 bridesmaid and 3 groomsmen.The colors are kinda up in the air…Black and White are a given. Was leaning more towards a blue maybe turquoise. I am absolutely obsessed with Wizard Of OZ an wanted to incorporate a little into it. Not too tacky though. I’m trying to come across an almost identical pair of ruby slippers like Dorothy wore, and maybe have a yellow runner to walk down the aisle on. That’s kinda all I wanted Wizard of OZ themed tied into it but am open for suggestions. I am doing research on the internet and finding some nice ideas. If you need any more info I would be glad to offer it Thank you for your time and ideas.

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Leslie December 8, 2011 at 1:44 am

Awe, I love the idea of the Wizard of Oz theme – super cute!
Red shoes and yellow brick road runner = adorable!
Maybe you could wear your hair in a french braid? I think the french braided pigtails would be a tad juvenile, so I’d stick with one.
When I think of the WOO, I think of the color green (idk why!) so I would serve drinks in green glasses, or have a signature drink that IS green! Or maybe another drink with a “tornado” type name!
You could have jawbreakers as favors to represent the Horse of Many Colors.
You could rent (or make, if you’re handy) a Munchkin outfit for your ring bearer and/or flower girls.
Have your hubby wear the heart that the Tin Man is given in the movie as his boutinerre (sp?) !!!!!

I had another idea – incorporate poppies into your bouquet!


knittinmama December 8, 2011 at 1:55 am

Centepieces could incorporate baskets like Dorothy carried in the opening scenes. Maybe use blue gingham for napkins

try for rubyslippers. (I just checked there and they have several affordable styles in adult sizes)

I’m partial to November 11 as a wedding date. We will be celebrating our 33 anniversary on 11/11/11


wouldnt u like to know... December 8, 2011 at 2:48 am

david tutera had this same theme on his show! it was amazing! if your on a budget though i would do away with wedding favors people just throw them out and it can save you money! go to david tuteras website and maybe you can get some ideas off there of course money was no object on the show but least its a start! also check into venues that handle everything. my venue through in the open bar for free because we were having it earlier in the day.


Kennly Yakamoto December 8, 2011 at 3:33 am

There are a ton of “wedding saving” ideas out there. Google is your friend :) (as is

For centerpieces, you can absolutely save money and also make it very personal. If you are a Wizard of Oz fan, use that when you name your tables. You can name each table after a location or character in the Wizard of Oz. How fun is that to say you’re sitting at the “flying evil monkey” table instead of “table # 31″.

Each centerpiece can be decorated like that location or character or according to that location or character. If you have a “tin man” table, you can make something heart-shaped as the wedding favor. For the “Scarecrow” table you can maybe have some sort of mind puzzle book or brain game book. Having that as a wedding favor in general might seem tacky, but with your wedding theme it will be really unique and cute!

And cheap! If you have a 99 cent store or dollar store you can probably find a lot of kids mind game type book or crossword puzzle book or sudoku book you can hand out.

Hopefully that kicks some ideas off for you!


Because I Said So December 8, 2011 at 4:08 am

I don’t know what your idea of low budget is but 100 guests is not a small wedding. that’s how many I had last year and it was a big deal to plan. open bar will run you about $30 per person, plus gratuity for the bartender FYI. that’s what our venue estimated, people drink about $30 worth if it’s open bar. our catering was over $50 per person, you do the math. and the venue rental fee was 4 figures on top of all that.


Gina December 8, 2011 at 4:32 am


They did my wedding on MY budget and did it beautifully! It just so happens one of the owners is a Wizard of Oz fan like you! She had the figurines in her office so I inquired!

They do everything, centerpieces, invites, card boxes, favros etc., more beautiful than anyone and are sooooooooooo cost effective!


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