Wedding Invitation Inserts – DIY?

by DIY wedding planner on April 24, 2012

I am designing my own invitations and assembling them as well. The design that I chose is enclosed in a pocketfold with the invitation matted in the center with 3 inserts in the right pocket.

I’ve already ordered all of my stationary which arrives tomorrow and I want to have my design completed today so that I can take everything to the printers tomorrow and have them sent out in a few days.
The problem that I have run into is that I had originally planned to have the 3 inserts labeled:
Directions, RSVP, and Out Of Towners

However, now I am second guessing the “out of towners” insert. Everyone is invited to both the reception & ceremony so I have no need for a reception card. If I do include the out of town insert, I wanted to include information on accomodations, dining, and attractions (since 95% of my guests are coming in from out of state). I loved the idea of having an out of town packet ready for when they arrived in town with local goodies and such.

What is your opinion? Is there a different type of insert that I could send instead of “out of town”? How did you title your “out of town” insert?
I created a website with, and I’m able to send out newsletters with updates – which I tend to do about once per week or every 2 weeks.

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Rosafina April 24, 2012 at 5:36 am

I think your DIY idea is really great! Instead of having a “out of town” insert, why dont you create a wedding webpage for out-of-towners? They are usually free and a really good resource because people can access all of the information in one place, at any time. You can include links to area hotels and attractions and even have a place for them to write comments about the site!


phantom_of_valkyrie April 24, 2012 at 5:56 am

I would do Directions, RSVP, and Accommodations.

What I did was I put a guest bag in each room at the hotel. I got a group rate at one hotel and then just dropped off bags there. I included some water bottles, some snacks, and information about how to get different places. For example, I went to Chamber of Commerce and got several city maps. I also included written directions to the nearest mall, movie theater, and to the Bride and Groom’s house–since many people had never been to our house.

If there is something special to the area, put that on there. For example, a planetarium or aquarium that is very nice or if you live in an area with special things, like a nice winery or like Vermont’s syrup farms include directions to that.

For me, I included a map in there. I made a small map for visual people with Corel Draw. I drew the large roads on there and put little pictures for Rehearsal, Church, Reception and hotel on there. I typed the written directions on the back but I was able to do that b/c it was so simple. The road the hotel was on was the same road to get to the Rehearsal and Church. The only think that took more than 2 lines for directions was to get to the reception.


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