Wedding Menu Ideas? Revised.?

by DIY wedding planner on December 11, 2011

For our wedding, we are getting married at a winery (very beautiful & rustic) and my dads 2nd cousin is a rancher and wants to cater it with his very own meat. He has many choices but I am leaning towards the smoked pork brisket and then having his beef brats available for picky eaters & children. We are in the heart of farmland, ranchers & cowboys, so the menu i have listed, would be ideal for us.

I am mostly vegetarian since I dont like the way meat is processed, but his is 100% from his ranch to the butcher (his brother) and is all natural. So I am really excited about serving my guests this really good food, some you could not find in any restaurant or store…

Now, what should I all serve with it? He also claims his wife and him will take car of displaying the food on the buffet line and keeping it filled…we have about 250 invited, is this too much for them even if they say it can be done?

Here are my ideas:

Appetizers & Drinks after ceramony during cocktail hour inside of the winery…
Dinner is served in the winery’s barn complete with a wrap around wet bar, floor to cieling fireplace, and a beatiful area in general…

Brisket & Brats
Baked Beans (Someone prior suggested Red Potatoes)
Corn ( Someone also suggests green beans with slivered almonds)
Dinner Rolls (Corn Bread??? I liked that Idea from a prior post)
Caesar Salad (Strawberry Spinach Salad? Prior Poster suggested)

I work for a food distributor that I can buy all the food from, please keep in mind it all has to be fairly simple to keep and make since it is a small catering company…

It sounds kind of bland… but I am very DIY and rather serve my fam and friends good food, not over processed & over cooked chicken marsala like every other wedding, for alot less at that too!

It is a November wedding, so a build your own cider, hot chocolate & caramel apple bar (pick your toppings) will be set up as well. They have an outdoor area with a fire ring that we will have smores to make too later on in the night.

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thisjustin December 11, 2011 at 5:02 am

That sounds better I do like the red potatoes idea and the green beans. You could do the rolls and cornbread so guest could have their pick.
You know roasted fingerling potatoes sounds even better.


Kitty Star December 11, 2011 at 5:08 am

I don’t like the baked beans idea. There’s no way to make that classy. Lol. But, other than that, it sounds perfect for that venue. I prefer dinner rolls, though. Cornbread is either delicious or dry and disgusting. I wouldn’t want to take the risk.


thedreamweaverwolf December 11, 2011 at 6:08 am

if you have access to a grill roasted winter vegetables squash zucchini or mix them up and oven roast them very colorful


Tiger81 December 11, 2011 at 7:07 am

I think it sounds incredible and I anxiously await my invitation. :D


Alison December 11, 2011 at 7:30 am

Will the corn be any good in November? Ditto the strawberries.
Stay with things that are seasonal. (No frozen or canned corn please.)
Since you’re in “cowboy country” I don’t have a huge problem with the beans, they seem appropriate.
I agree that you should check out the cornbread ahead of time. If it’s good go with it, but I think I would also offer the rolls to give people a choice.
Caesar Salad is pretty hard to screw up.
Green beans with almonds or maybe a spinach casserole would be good too.

I’m sure the folks handling the meat will have no problem serving 250. Once you get a rhythm going it’s just as easy to serve 250 as 50 (trust me, I do a little of that sort of catering plus I see a lot of weddings and large events and it is easily do-able.)

Sounds like it’s going to be a whole lot of fun, and no matter what you do it doesn’t sound bland. You’re guests will love it.


Messykatt December 11, 2011 at 7:47 am

Overall, I think it sounds awesome. Just a couple thoughts.

First, what a cool relative! But you’re smart to wonder if he and his wife would be capable of serving 250 people. Unless either of them has experience with this large a crowd, the answer is no. I did catering all through college and grad school for up to 100 people, and even with this experience, I would never attempt a wedding on my own for more than 50-75 max. There are too many intangibles – everything from how to set up the stations (you can’t have one buffet station for this many people) to how much ice to get, and of course portions. So I’d recommend either asking on craigslist or calling local caterers or even hotels. It shouldn’t cost all that much.

The menu sounds yummy, and there’s enough extra for vegetarians if any happen to be there. You might try to add just one more side dish – what about deviled eggs? They’re cheap and very easy to make, and they’re always popular. Also, on the bread, I’d offer up both corn bread and dinner rolls. For this size crowd, you’re going to need a lot of them, so may as well have an option.

Finally, the caramel apple bar sounds so fun and unique, but since they are so messy, a lot of people may want to take them home. You might want to set aside some cute small bags for this purpose.


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