Wedding report card?

by DIY wedding planner on July 20, 2012


I just attended a wedding in Cali, and have two more to go this wedding season. I though that it would be fun to share some of the high and low lights of the event for all of you brides from a guest’s perspective.

Feel free to add comments and share youe own wedding report card, if you have been to one recently.

Venue: A Lovely outdoor lodge by the river,
Favors: D Got stupid Cd’s. Nobody cared for them and left most of them behind
Invitations: C Pretty design, but assembled poorly and in a hurry. A DIY proyect gone wrong.
Wedding dress: Totally fabulous
Flowers: A+ Over $5000 spend of orchids and roses.
BM dresses: A+ Very trendy and gorgeaus
Food: C- No variety, not enough. Guests dined on mostly veggies and bowtie pasta.
Liquour: A+ Open bar, yeah baby.
The low light: The money dance. Why ??on a 30k wedding.
The highlight: Slide show of pictures of the bride and groom
Cake: B Beautiful and tasty.
Manners: C
Overall: C+
I believe that money could have been spend a little better,. They put way to much attention to centerpieces and colocr schemes, but neglected important areas such a s food and propper ettiquete. No receiving line, no greeting the guests at the tables.
read my question. This is a guide for the brides who are looking for IDEAS and to see how money is better spent. and how not to spent too much attention, money and stress in unncesesary items.
And I do disagree with some of you, a wedding is a party and you are supposed to make yoru guest feel welcomed. I spend over $2000 to attend their wedding and the least you can expect is a “thank you for coming to my wedding”.
And for all the haters, don’t feel too jealous. I do have a very active social life and have back-to-back upscale events. If you cannot relate to wedding ettiquette and parties, there are plenty of other question out there for the bitter and lonely people.

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Greyhound Mama July 20, 2012 at 5:28 am

What an interesting idea.

I think people getting married should see things like this so they can see what works and what doesn’t. I especially agree with the “low light”.

As long as you aren’t petty or insulting about your “grading”, then go for it.


Dj July 20, 2012 at 6:13 am

I believe a receiving line is a serious time-consumer that we did not do at our wedding. People talk too long, then they’re all waiting in the reception for you to finish pics, and it’s just all too long. But, certainly, if you’re not doing a receiving line, make an effort to go around together, and greet people at your reception.


jamitha99 July 20, 2012 at 6:50 am

Here is the plan for my wedding, upcoming in 4 weeks.
Venue: Small country church near our home
Reception: Country setting (indoors)
Favors: Personalized shot glasses
Invitations: Seal N Sends from professional printer
Wedding dress: see link below
Flowers: White roses, accented w/ yellow asiatic lillies and blue delphinium. Centerpieces made of white carnations
BM Dresses: All in canary yellow and different styles.
Food: Meat/Cheese tray, veggie tray, fruit tray, deviled eggs, red beet eggs, homemade chicken corn soup, dessert tray, taco salad, chips, pretzels, baked beans(my dad’s specialty), baked macc & cheese
Liqour: Open Bar (45 bottle variety)
Cake: 4 tier square, chocolate cake w/ real buttercream icing, each layer wrapped in blue ribbon that matches MOH dress.

Dollar dance: yes
Hershey kiss roses given with programs at church.


reginad99 July 20, 2012 at 7:10 am

Venue: A Lovely church wedding with reception by the lake
Favors: F none
Invitations: A Pretty design, great way to customize
Wedding dress: A+Totally fabulous
Flowers: A+ Beautiful arangments, centerpeices and bouquets of reds peach and yellows.
BM dresses: A+ Very trendy and gorgeaus
Food: D just snacky foods, no real meals, nice for cocktail but not for dinner reception
Liquour: A+ Open bar, yeah baby.
The low light: do not think there was one
The highlight: Bride and groom spoke to everyone and made everyone very comfortable with each other
Cake: B Beautiful and tasty.
Manners: A
Overall: B+


lidakamo July 20, 2012 at 8:08 am

I feel that the wedding is a gift to the guests. I don’t see how you can judge someones wedding? What gives you the right? Instead of worrying about what YOU think, you should have worried about blessing the bride and groom. After all, it’s not about pleasing you, it’s about them. This is a very unconsiderate gesture on your part.


Wine Is Fine 1717 July 20, 2012 at 8:28 am

Wow….what a snob.

I thought I was a wedding snob, but I would never put someones wedding on blast on a international website.


wild thing July 20, 2012 at 9:16 am

personally i hate favors – i don’t need a ‘gift’ for attending your wedding. i am there because you are an important part of my life. dont waste money on favors – please!!!

money dance – we did two – the twist was you paid to dance with the bride or groom and all monies went to the cancer society – in honor of my nan who died of cancer. over $400.00 went to the charity.

open bar? i wouldnt consider that to be an + idea. we did a partial open bar. first three drinks for every guest was free. at the reception you handed in your car keys and before you left you had to show you were capable of driving safely. my dad didn’t believe in making guests pay for drinks but he didn’t want them tanked and driving home so after your first three you paid $4.00 a drink and the money went to the school’s hot lunch program. we collected over $600.00 for the program. anyone who had too much to drink was sent home with volunteer drivers, [my cousins who were all tea-totallers], and the next day they were brought back for their cars. in all i think there were only a half dozen folk who couldn’t drive that night!

catered food at weddings is seldom great. trying to cater to everyone’s personal taste is a lost cause and you will always have someone go home complaining about something. simple fare is easiest and most appealing unless people are utter snobs.

slideshow? nah, not my idea of fun. we had photos of the bride and groom at different ages scattered about the hall so people could wander about looking at them if they chose.

bridesmaid dresses? they could wear them again and again. it wasnt a waste of money spent on a dress that would only be worn that day and never again.

anyway, weddings are what they are, and to criticize the day later the way you are doing is really not a kind gesture of a good friend.
you have no right do be so unkind and unflattering to someone who cares enough for you to invite you to such a special day!
but then again, your comment on the open bar, [yeah baby??], certainly shows your lack of finesse and class.
as for the rest of the folks here criticizing weddings they’ve attended? nasty wenches!!!!!!!!!

the star isn’t because the question is good! its because its so inconsiderate, boorish and rude that i want to keep an eye on how others will answer.


Luv2Answer July 20, 2012 at 9:45 am

Wedding I attended on 7/7.

Church :C It was old, dingy and hot. So ugly and took away from the beautiful ceremony.
Favors: B+ Decorated Cookies. They tasted great and looked very nice in the wedding colors.
Wedding Dress: C Typical plain, white, strapless. The bride was spilling over the top in the front and back. She was a beautiful girl which make it a shame.
Food: A+ It was tasty and we had out choice of a few great things. I even took down the name of the caterer. Everyone was raving about the quality.
Bridesmaids: Great color but none of them spent money on alterations and were holding them up all night. Never looks nice when strapless doesn’t fit well.
Low Light: The cake was melting and had gaps between the layers. I am not a fan of marzipan which was used on the flowers.
High Light: The centerpieces were red roses in silver bowls. It had height, width and was perfect for the table. Oh. . .and that darn good cookie!
Overall: B


starryeyed July 20, 2012 at 10:00 am

You may hate this idea, but here’s how I see it, now that I’ve been to (and catered) big fancy Long Island, NY weddings, and been to a country wedding in a park in Montana-
If the smiles on the faces of the bride and groom aren’t enjoyable enough, then what the heck are people bothering with a party for anyway?


Lydia July 20, 2012 at 10:16 am

Agree that food is a very important thing. Agreed that a money dance is tacky. Very sad that they didn’t mingle LOTS with their guests.
I’m SO sad – the only wedding we got invited to this year was in Germany, and we couldn’t travel there!


theewokprincess July 20, 2012 at 11:05 am

The bridal dance is just a fun way to get your dance with the bride. The guests get a chance to keep the groom away from his new bride! And the money that is placed in the bag is traditionally for the couple to spend on their honeymoon. What is fun is to tie the dollar bills up into little bows or knots. And if you hate the idea enough, dip the really tight knot into some alcohol. The sugar will bind the money together so that they can’t use it.

This is an awesome idea. I’d hate a stupid CD of romantic music, myself. And the food sounds horrendous.


MommaBear July 20, 2012 at 11:32 am

Good golly Jazus — who on earth would ever invite you to another wedding?!? How judgemental can you get, to go to a friend’s wedding and “grade” a significant social event celebrating the marriage of someone that you presumably care about. You are a GUEST, not a critic!

It’s their wedding, it’s their only shot at it — as long as they are happy, who cares what you think? You can shake your head over some of the details, but frankly, your opinion is your own, and is probably not shared by anyone else. Others may have hated the bridemaid’s dress, the tee-totalers were probably aghast at the open bar, the vegans were probably in heaven, and many people don’t quite get the invitations just right.

Your grade on manners didn’t include your own. I give you an “F”.


legends_chick July 20, 2012 at 11:59 am

You talk about poor ettiquette???? How about “rating” somone elses big day?!?!?! HOW RUDE!


tehuskey513 July 20, 2012 at 12:04 pm

Ooh. Grade mine! Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Venue: Unitarian Church with natural wood beam ceiling and skylight in sanctuary and open french windows behind alter for ceremony. Local park event center with huge wrap around porch for reception.
Favors: Plantable paper favors that double as escort cards
Invitations: Haven’t picked out yet, but I’m thinking classic versus trendy
Wedding dress: You recently saw a pic on my question
BM dresses: Also saw a pic
Flowers: Hydrangeas, cream roses, cream peonies, stephanotis and maybe some thistle for the bouttoneirs.
Food: “The” wedding caterer for my area is doing old fashioned country food buffet with 2 entree choices, 2 sides, a salad, and bread. We’ll probably add h’ordeurves for a cocktail hour while we’re taking the rest of the pics
Liquor: Open bar with a decent selection (beer, wine, some liquor)
Cake: Classic white 4 tier with hydrangeas as decorations instead of a topper
No money dance – ick.
I haven’t decided about a recieving line. There isn’t really a place to do one at the church, so we may just try to greet all the guests at the reception.


Sabine É July 20, 2012 at 12:22 pm

I wish more brides/grooms would spend a little time learning etiquette and less with the “IT’S MY DAY I’LL DO WHAT I WANT” attitude. I don’t know when it got to be MY DAY rather than what it is: hosting a party for people to celebrate your commitment. Too many spoiled little divas these days.


LoriBeth July 20, 2012 at 1:12 pm

LOL! it’s so funny to see people be offended by your opinions, as if they don’t see your screename! however, i’ve always had an appreciation for those who tell it like it is :)

that being said, rude or not, the wedding report card can be a useful tool. brides should want their guests to have a good time, and to acheive that goal, you need to try to have good marks in all of these categories, not just a few.


bubbles July 20, 2012 at 1:32 pm

Blunt- you crack me up!
I wish you could come to my wedding and grade it for me!!

Last wedding I was at
Venue: C- very nice but it cost all of us $600 to stay there for two nights and it was far away so we had too!
Favors- B- candy but nothing special
Invitations- F- pieces of junk from AC Moore and they were smeared and dirty when we recieved them. The mail machine reheated the ink and make a mess of them.
Flowers- A
Wedding dress- A
BM- C- They were ALL pregant!! Look terrible
Food: B
Liquour- B- open bar but they ran out of stuff.
Lowlight- No One danced but me and the bride
Highlight- Horses running around the background- the bride feeding the carrots.
Cake: C- don’t even remember it!!
Manners- At the wedding A
Thank-you notes- F!! She didn’t even mail them- just passed them out later for the shower and didn’t get one yet for the wedding.
Overall- C+


Bonnie D July 20, 2012 at 2:10 pm

Would you want somebody posting a “wedding report card” on your wedding, especially if you didn’t have the same taste? I think you should just appreciate that fact that you were invited, somebody wanted you to share their big moment, and stop with the snooty report cards.


pspoptart July 20, 2012 at 3:09 pm

As long as you don’t name names I can’t see how somebody could get their feelings hurt. As a soon to be bride I am always asking people to “rate the wedding”. Its helpful in my bussiness so I can figure out what they want overall and as a hostess because you get a bead on what guests value so you can have a better party. Now if you actually sent this report card to the couple….bad dog.

Venue: B Typicall rent-a-chapel. Nothing special but not hideous, did have lovely stained glass window though.
Favors: D personalized shot glasses. great for a bar or at the bachelor/bachelorette but not a wedding reception. Tacky. left it on the table
Invitations: A DIY and not super fancy but I like them because she was a budget bride and realised nobody keeps them anyway
Wedding dress: F the chapel was pretty small and she had a cathederal length train that covered half the aisle when she finally made it down. Poorly altered and too tight
Flowers: A centerpieces were low on flowers but still looked great
Food: D- The food was awesome but some parents didn’t control their demon children and they were throwing crawfish shells at guests and sticking snotty hands all into the candy bar
Liqour: F They provided beer but they put BYOB on the invitation for everything else which I thought was totally tacky. They forgot to provide something non-alcoholic like tea and water. I’m find with a limited bar, I’m not fine with BYOB or cash bar
The lowlight: getting pelted with a crawfish head
The highlight: their first dance…so in love
Cake: B taste amazing but I found the design to be a little 80s with the roman collumns between tiers and the lacy cake topper
Manners: A
Overall: B+ most of the things that were wrong weren’t really their fault. The only place they really messed up was forgetting the non-alcoholic drinks.


Ms. X July 20, 2012 at 3:58 pm

Ha, I love the idea of a wedding report card! (As long as it’s done anonymously.)

Venue: A Outdoors at a lovely hotel.
Favors: A They didn’t have any! Fine with me!
Invitations: D Sent out just a few weeks before the wedding. (Fortunately, I already knew the info ahead of time.) Not very pretty. And the groom’s divorced parents were put on there as “Mr. and Mrs. X as opposed to having their own lines.”
Wedding Dress: B Nice, but not fabulous.
Flowers: NA, they didn’t have any. Kind of a rock garden/bonsai thing going as centerpieces.
Food: C A brunch buffet with some salad, quiche , pasta, and a few other things.
Vegan-Friendly: C I could eat salad and fruit.
Cake: F Left out in the sun from before the ceremony started, and through the meal. A food safety risk. I wouldn’t have gone near the cake even if I wasn’t vegan.
Alcohol: None, which was fine with me, as I don’t drink.
Music: Nice, 3 piece string band.
Low Light: The cake
Highlight: Beautiful outdoor wedding with weather that couldn’t be more perfect.
Thank you note afterwards: C I had sent a check + a gift. I only received a thank you note for the gift sent well before the wedding, (after the wedding) but they did deposit the check.
Guest Manners: A- Great except for the one mother who didn’t walk off with her noisy baby during the ceremony.
Couple’s Manners: B-
Overall: B-


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