What is the average budget for a middle-class wedding with between 150 – 200 guests?

by DIY wedding planner on May 15, 2013

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cutsicles May 15, 2013 at 10:26 pm

hmm well that all depends where you live. i just got married 3 mths ago i live in yuma az. well my wedding was hmmm alot lol.. lets see the ball room was for 150 people 1,200 that included the tables n chairs and the dj. but we put live music. and the food and the drinks and the table cloths were $250..

ok thats pretty much an idea but well i had alot of people offer to help me with the ballroom the food the drinks. a lot of things a good place to look at is the ballrooms in hotels they are not very expensive it all depends though if you want packages or whatever… well i hope this helps i hope i didnt confuse you too much


DETA MARIE May 15, 2013 at 11:12 pm

If you and your familly do most of the work, decor etc. you could spend up to 5,ooo.oo. You could spend anywhere to 5-10,ooo.oo on your wedding. Your dress, you can find a lovely dress at a drycleanders, in unclaimed clothes for little or nothing. Make a deal with the hall to advertise the hall in your wedding program for a discount. If you use a hotel, make a deal if you could have familyand friends from out of town stay there maybe a floor or two, you could probably get a discount on the banquet hall. If you want to really involve family nd friends in your wedding then rent a hall, do the decor, food, buy your liquor, and ask friends and family to act as servers, and bartenders, then you may spend no more than 5,000.00 or less


SGG May 15, 2013 at 11:43 pm

Well i would like 2 say tat d budget would be under 3 lakhs for 150-200 guests including everything..If you think about some gold jewellery to buy for your wedding then its up to you, how much you can survive.. Even i m also going to marry in Mid October N i m also mid class family..

Best of luCK 4 ur wedding………


Feecake7929 May 15, 2013 at 11:47 pm

I would say that you both need to work on budget for your guest. It really all depends on where you trying to get married.


yourlildarling65 May 16, 2013 at 12:29 am

We are having a nice fully decorated wedding with 275 guests a full buffet meal and everything and it will be around $13,000. I am doing all my flowers myself though and not going to crazy on the jewelry and alcohol. Also as favors we are having a cookie buffet with take home boxes to save money and it’s personal. Plus who doesn’t love homemade cookies! lol


Kelly May 16, 2013 at 1:26 am

It really varies based on what kind of meal you’re offering, alcohol, and other factors. You could pay as little as $5,000 or in excess of $25,000.

Your location will also be a factor as the cost of living varies from state to state so will the cost of your wedding.

I’m getting married next year in Michigan, my guest list will be about 250, with a buffet style meal. My total with the ceremony, reception, decorations, photography, videography, flowers, and some other things will be around $12,000.

I didn’t include my dress & accessories or honeymoon with my overall budget. I’m paying my dress on my own and we are doing our honeymoon from a separate fund.

If you’re just beginning to plan, be **realistic** with your budget and stick to it. My wedding I was realistic with what I could reasonably afford and thus far I’m under budget, I’m also not incurring any debt for my wedding. My fiance and I are paying it ourselves (as we should).


seamstress May 16, 2013 at 2:18 am

Sample estimates:

Dinner at $50.00 a person for 200 people is $10,000.

Dinner at $35.00 a person for 150 people is $5,250.

Add the cost of clothing, invitations, music, cake, rings, gifts for the attendants, and all the extra hoopla associated with weddings and you have your total cost.


mydarlyngirl May 16, 2013 at 2:31 am

We had 200 people and spent about $9500 (we were aiming for $8000 but ended up over budget) This is how ours broke down:
Ceremony site: $150
Dress including alterations: $300
Veil, jewelery, shoes etc- $300
His Outfit (he bought new suit, shoes, belt, tie etc)- $700
Flowers (didn’t have boquets for attendants- only hair clips)- $350
Invitations (including postage) $250
Photographer- $1000 (included no prints but a DVD to make our own prints from)
Tent for reception at parent’s farm (included tables, linens, chandaliers, chairs and a small amount of decor)- $3000
Officiant- $350
Food (beef/turkey on a bun, coleslaw, veggie trays)- $650
Alcohol (not including free homeade wine)- $900
3 Servers- $600
Driver for drunks- $200
Decor (non floral centerpieces, lights, guestbook, 400 peacock feathers)- $600
Marriage License- $150

This was a very simple, very casual wedding- it’s really easy to go WAY over this


:x May 16, 2013 at 2:50 am

depends where you live, im in SC. we have 200 on our guest list and the venue cost $7000.00 includes everything from decor to catering, we need to supply our own alcohol and any additional decor. The photographer is $2200.00 my dress was $950.00 including veil and undergarments.. we saved alot on invites, they are do it yourself ones that get printed out on the home computer, we got them on sale, 150 for $21.00 but our budget was $10,000.00 without honeymoon so we are slightly above that as of now, thank god for our parents wanting to help! god bless them :)

id say average, middle class budget could safely be set at $15,000.00 give or take.

edit: we dont yet have the flowers or a limo booked


iloveweddings May 16, 2013 at 3:06 am

Middle-class differs depending on where you live! If you live in or near a medium to large sized city….you are going to pay.

I live in a small city (25,000 people) where you can still get GREAT catering for $15/person and rent a hall for $200. We are all middle-class, blue collar workers here, but things are just much, much cheaper because we are in a small city/town.

The average price of a wedding in the U.S. is $25,000 and expected to go to $30,000 by next year.


Craftygirl7 May 16, 2013 at 3:18 am

Wedding can cost a lot of money if you don’t stick to a strict budget. Don’t get in debt when planning your wedding. Remember it’s just one day of your life. Yes, you want it to be special but at the same time you don’t wanna go broke! I know a girl who is getting married and her fiance and went and met with a wedding planner. The wedding planner wanted her to have a 50 thousand dollar wedding! Can you imagine that? I think it’s observe! Her mom wasn’t too happy that she went to visit with this wedding planner.

I plan on having a beautiful wedding on a small budget… way less than $10,000 dollars. I plan on having 100 or so people. So do you think I can pull it off? I truly think it’s very possible! I want to prove to the wedding industry that I can do this! Here is the website that inspired me to have a not so stressful wedding on a budget: http://2000dollarwedding.com/

I’ve already found a wedding reception hall that is way under $1,000 and the place is beautiful. The reception hall will provide us with tables and chairs. I might have to rent chair covers and table cloths. (Which I don’t mind.) The reception hall will also provide us with plates and few other kitchen items.

I think I’m going to recruit a lot of my family members and friends to help me out with the wedding. I want a family oriented wedding where my friends can feel as if their apart of my family. I don’t want a huge expensive show. That’s why I’m choosing to have a DIY wedding reception that looks expensive. Everyone I know is pretty creative. I’m a very crafty person so I plan on making all the wedding favors, wedding programs, boutonnieres, decorations, wedding invites, wedding pillow, etc. I found a beautiful scrapbook in my room that I plan on using for my wedding as a guestbook. The cost: Free! I’ve got beautiful picture frames in my room of my fiance and I. Those pictures will be used at my reception. I even might have my finance and I grow our own flowers for the wedding. The more things that I can make by hand for our wedding, the more money my fiance and I will be saving. Which I believe to be true!

I found a restaurant that caters on great budget. I don’t plan on getting a fancy wedding cake from a bakery. I might just get myself a store bought wedding cake. My moms friend owns a dress shop and she can get me a great deal on a simple wedding dress. I might hire my aunt who takes professional looking pictures in her spare time to be my photographer for the wedding. I also know other people who too are good at photography. I will hire a DJ because my fiance and I love music so much. I think that I will be buying my own liquor for the wedding and having a family member of mine who doesn’t much like to dance be a bartender.

I’m so excited to be planning my wedding with my fiance. I think he’s going to be excited too. Were both crafty people. So we plan on using our imagination for this wedding. I love my fiance so much and I can’t wait for our special day that will occur sometime next summer. Wedding planning for me has been very exciting because I don’t feel so stressed out. My wedding is just one day and it’s day that I want to remember but I also want my family and friends to remember the day as well. When I first started doing wedding research I felt overwhelmed. Now I don’t feel that way thanks to the 2000 wedding budget website!!


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