Whats the best way to plan a wedding on a $5,000 -$7,000 dollar budget?

by DIY wedding planner on June 13, 2013

Me & my fiance are planning a wedding with a budget of $5,000 -$7,000 dollars.

Any advice on the following:

1. Where to find

Dress, vail , shoes & jewlery ?

Cake, DJ, catering business ect. ?

Grooms tux & shoes ?

Wedding Invitations?

Thank you cards or letters ?

Place of venue ?

Please help me & my fiance ! Were despreate !

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sweetroll June 13, 2013 at 1:39 pm

There are some really good books and websites out there. You can do a lot of stuff yourself, rent dresses. Don’t go crazy on food and booze.


junerune June 13, 2013 at 1:39 pm

Where are you located? That is important.

- Choose a garden or nice public park for the ceremony and reception, because that is cheaper. There is a Rose Garden (for example) in Berkeley, CA that costs $75 to rent to have a ceremony there.

- Cut down the guest list because that is 50% of the budget.

- Do a Morning or Afternoon ceremony or reception. Dinner is more expensive.

- Have the wedding during off seasons like November – March.

- Have it on a Friday or Sunday INSTEAD of Saturday.

- If you can, get an All-Inclusive Package with EVERYTHING included (ceremony, reception, cake, DJ, catering, flowers, minister, etc all included) all you need is the wedding gown type of deal. This is cheaper. There are places in California that does this for example.

- OR, you can do a combination of the above and do a lot of things yourself, like buy flowers wholesale and create the centerpieces and bouquets, use an iPod and a Mac for songs while having a friend act as “DJ”. Hire photography students to be your photographers (see craigslist), etc.

- Like the first poster, yeah rent your wedding gown, or get a bridesmaid dress in WHITE.

- Buy alcohol from Bevmo with the 5 cent deal,or dont have alcohol.

There are a bunch of resources out there other than my list, just search online. :)

Good Luck!


Halo Mom June 13, 2013 at 1:40 pm

Get guest list under 100 people

Look for dresses on sale
David bridal has a lot of dresses under 500 dollars
They have a Vera Wang line that is 800 plus

Grooms Tux, go to a tux shop and shop around
We used a no name brand that look like a brand name for our wedding
We got the tuxes we want, but cheaper
Also, the place I went to if you got five tuxes, the grooms were free
We has a best man, two groomsmen and both father, so my husbands where free

DJ, we spend money a good DJ
A good DJ is more important than decorations and other things

Try this web site
Wed cheaper

You can look for a hall like Knights of Columbus or VFW or Mason or Elk’s Club
Get it cater
I found a place that just open, if you book their first 6 months, they gave you 15 dollars a head off the regular price. If you could fine a place that just open you can get a package plan
You need to shop around
Also depending on where you live, some area give discounts in winter months
Others for Friday night or Sunday weddings
That could help you save money, having it during a discounted time

You or someone who have the right software could make them yourself today on the computer

My Aunt did the flowers for my wedding, as a gift
My in law got us an photographer, as a gift(we cut that out to save money)
If you friends can help due to their background, as gift
If you are cutting things out and someone offer to pay for a gift that is fine

There are a lot of way to save
We used centerpieces that came with the place
We spend almost no money on decorations
My dress, veil and shoes were under 300 dollars

You need to decided what is important to you
Each person will have a different list
There is no right answer
Like Save the date and programs and menus, we did not have
Another couple would keep those and cut out the DJ


Antique Glitter June 13, 2013 at 1:52 pm

Bride’s outfit:
For the dress, I suggest you look at David’s Bridal or Maggie Sottero. Maggie Sottero is a multi-award-winning designer with gorgeous dresses under $1,000!!! Buy your veil/jewelry from http://www.etsy.com/ . Users on that website hand-make their items and sell them for really cheap prices (with professional quality). You could get a standard tulle veil from Etsy for $80 or less, while retail stores would price it at $200.

Considering the economy, not a lot of vendors are cheap anymore, so you’re gonna have to do a lot of research. Go to http://www.weddingwire.com/ to search for the best vendors in your area, and then look for the cheapest one.

Groom’s outfit:
If your fiance doesn’t have one already, he can rent a tuxedo from places like Men’s Wearhouse. I’m assuming your fiance already has a button-up shirt and a tie, but if not, then he can just buy one from Men’s Wearhouse for cheap (every man needs a button-up shirt and a tie anyway). Dress shoes can be bought from Amazon or eBay.

I would recommend Etsy, Minted, or Wedding Paper Divas but they are actually quite expensive when it comes to wedding invites so never mind.
So what you can do is if you’re a creative techie and you have Adobe Illustrator, use that. I’m making my own invites using Illustrator and the only expenses are the paper and ink. (I already have the printer, glue, and glitter.) My total cost would be just under $100 for 100 invitations! :)

Thank You cards:
These are really unnecessary. Honestly, all your guests would do is throw them away. If you’re lucky, they might read it. If you want to give them something, give them edible favors. Nonedible favors, unfortunately, also end up in the trash.

Again, you’re going to need to do a lot of research, using the help of http://www.weddingwire.com/ . Try avoiding hotels because they tend to be on the expensive side. If you go to church, you may be able to use the church for your ceremony (maybe even reception) and have the pastor be your officiant for free! If you have your reception elsewhere, be sure to provide transportation (limousines are ideal, but not necessary).

-DIY (Do-It-Yourself) everything you can. This is a big money-saver!
-Another huge money-saver is cutting the guest list (more guests = more $$$). I would recommend you have your wedding under 60 guests.
-Also, you can just have a casual wedding. You don’t need all that fancy stuff. Studies show that guests are more comfortable at a casual wedding anyway. You can serve comfort foods and guests can just dress smart casual.


managermom June 13, 2013 at 2:07 pm

My daughter just got married and I am certain I can help.
1 – Make your own invitations on your computer. same goes for thanks you cards, menu cards and church programs. Choose a nice colour or tenture paper and add a Dollar Store ribbon to it.
2 – Dress, veil, etc. – look at a reputable 2nd hand store or look in the reduced areas of bridal store. Remember – you only wear the dress, veil, shoes and jewelry once.
3 – Cake – surely someone you know can make a cake. Decorate it with ribbon and fresh flowers. Very cheap.
4. – Venue – what about a Legion/Veternan’s Hall/Community Centre, etc.
Good luck.


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