Who had a true DIY wedding and ideas do you have to share?

by DIY wedding planner on December 8, 2010

I’m getting married and my fiance and I will be having a DIY wedding. This wedding will be beautiful and I just know it! So was your wedding a true DIY wedding and do you have any ideas to share. I’m collecting ideas for my wedding binder!

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Psyc Guy December 8, 2010 at 8:00 pm

We did the same. A couple suggestions 1) If you can keep the reception and ceremoney at the same place that will help immensley (no need to decorate two places, no double seating, no double parking and driving for guests, cheaper). We did ours outdoors. Catering is the hardest part, depending on how many guests you have. We went with grocery store deli stuff for a lot of the side dishes. Restraunts were more expensive and catering companies wanted huge amounts of money. We then did barbacue chicken for everyone. We didn’t go with a bar, just wine and we bought 200 bottles and got them for about $3 a bottle.


The Farmer's Wife December 8, 2010 at 8:02 pm

Well at our wedding, we had it in a private garden (saves on venue costs), and had a barbecue dinner after (saves on the catering cost). My bouquets were picked from a friends garden and made up by my very handy mother-in-law. Photos were taken by a family friend who was handy with a camera. Also, if you get everyone to take their own cameras, you will get some good ones from everyone. All the dresses were bought from an Ezibuy catalogue (don’t know if you have Ezibuy where you are from), but they were all under $50 dollars for the bridesmaids.


Garnet Glitter's No BS Zone December 8, 2010 at 8:44 pm

I did the second time around however….

I had a very small and simple home reception….a cold buffet luncheon and there was little to do other than the food….and inviting people ( a total of 20 including the happy couple)

The wedding cake and a pair of pretty candles/candlesticks was the centerpiece on the buffet table.

I catered it myself -ordered the platters from a local deli and produce dept of my grocery store ( sandwich meats & cheeses, cheese platter, veggie platter, fruit platter, deviled eggs, condiment platter)

Ordered all the assorted breads and rolls from the bakery I worked in ( I was one of the bakers so I made my own order myself)

I bought all the beverages, chips, crackers, champagne

My one daughter who worked in my bakery made our cake.

Made my salads and dips

I bought all my plates/cups/eating & serving utensils/napkins/etc at a local party store-went with ‘high end ” plastics & paper for easy clean-up.

My sister ( I had it in her home) used her good linens to dress the buffet(dinning room) table. Her decor matched my colors, strangely enough lol….

The grocery store I patronized has a great fresh floral dept….got my bouquet, the corsages, the buttonholes for all those in need for a tad over 80 dollars….and they were beautiful.

Since we decided to marry five weeks after the proposal (we were in our 50′s so why wait?) I invited the guests personally, face to face….no real time for sending invites in the mail.

I would collect as many bridal mags as you can get your hands on and leaf thru them to get an idea of what you like….many of the ideas they present can be DIY……add those articles/pictures to your binder…..good luck.


thedreamweaverwolf December 8, 2010 at 9:25 pm

simple elegance is great try these sites


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