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R for wedding testimonials page.ead what some of our brides, grooms and their families had to say after they'd experienced one of our all inclusive wedding packages! They had stunning and magical weddings where they didn't have to lift a finger, and everything they needed was included in their package ~ even their own wedding coordinator.

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"You gave my wife her perfect dream wedding, and you have made me a VERY happy man."
~ Eric O'Connor, Groom

"I started pricing my wedding with vendors, locations, etc...then I found you. You made my wedding perfect and stress-free AND I saved money with you! I am the first of my friends to get married, I am going to be pushing ALL of them to get married with you! Their weddings will be awesome!"
~ Jessica Smith, Bride

"Thank you so much for hosting our wedding. All the guests complimented me on the beautiful location and wonderful wedding that was put together.

It was definitely more than I ever expected at such a great price!

Thanks for getting the fresh flowers for the gazebo and beautiful chair coverings, I never expected so much extra help.

You guys are awesome. I have reccommended you to many friends and couldn't have ever done it on my own.
~ Abigail and Louie Baur, Bride and Groom

"Adam and I were so very impressed at how our very special day turned out. Everyone who attended experienced a wonderful atmosphere, caring, love and attentiveness shown by you and your staff.

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Bride and groom walking down aisle.

Bride and groom cutting cake and smiling.

We were all very pleased at every small detail which was very carefully thought of, and it made a large and lasting impression on us and our guests.

The food was fantastic, the service was wonderful and there was an ambiance and feeling of togetherness that one can not describe. Cheers to you and your staff for making me feel welcome and at ease.

Every bride goes through her stresses I am sure – but all of that was washed away because of how exceptionally well we were all taken care of this past weekend.

I cannot put into further words of appreciation of how much you all were appreciated this weekend. Truly a dream come true and memories which will forever be with all of us who were there!

Your newest bride as of October 2nd 2004…"
~ Alisen M. Dupré, Bride

"This wedding was a perfect 10! NO - it was a 10 and a half!!
You guys have done such a great job!"
~ Bill Smith - Father of the Bride

"We wanted to write you and greatly thank you for all you did for our wedding on April 10, 2004. It was absolutely wonderful.

You certainly exceeded our expectations in every way.

The flowers were stunning - especially the bouquet. They were absolutely perfect. Please thank your florist for me for doing such a fabulous job. Everyone has been raving about how good the food was - and we agree! The cake was so lovely - and tasty.

Many of our guests have complimented us on how it was one of the best wedding cakes they've ever had. Please extend our compliments and
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Wedding couple enjoying their reception.

Bridal couple with sun in the trees,.

thanks to the baker. We couldn't contain ourselves - we ended up eating the top cake layer. We'll have to have a duplicate made next year in April!

Once again, thank you SO much for all that you and your wonderful team did for us."
~ Heather and Jon Lyons, Bride and Groom

"I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated you at the wedding. It was amazing how stress free I was, and I know that's thanks to you.

My parents believe you are worth your weight in gold

(they thought the opposite of my sister's coordinator, who cost a lot more!)."
~ Jana Lee, Bride

"Everything turned out so great, our families and friends are raving about you guys and how well everything went!

Thank you for the best wedding ever !!"
~ Heather & David Costa, Bride and Groom "Only two weeks away. Wow, how time flies! I was thinking to ask you if you have a site that your guests can comment on their experience with you and Lake Arrowhead weddings.

This has been the smoothest and most pleasant experience (in what could have been stress city) that I have ever had, in any event I have ever had, so far! Just would like to share this with all future guests.

Thanks for everything. See you in two weeks!"
~ Jill and Yves, Bride and Groom
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Bride testimonial couple.

Bridal testimonial couple.
Thank you again for your professionalism and good humor and kindness with the wedding last night.

I work with a number of party planners, as you can imagine, and few have the good graces and attitude that you have. You are a wonder!

I hope our professional paths cross again, it would be my honor.
~ Arthur Rosenberg, Rabbi "I want to take this opportunity to tell you how much we appreciate all of your efforts!!! I had a great wedding at your beautiful home, and I will always be grateful it was available for my special day!!"
~ Judy Norman, Bride "Gene and I would like to thank you for making their (the bride and groom's) dreams come true.
We talked all the way home about your wonderful place."
~ Gene & Vickie Dubois, Parents of the Bride

"Thank you so much for our stay with you this past weekend. As you saw,
I am a bit stressed about my upcoming wedding, but knowing that
you are taking care of everything really calmed my nerves.

Rob and I are so glad we made the right decision in choosing you! My stress has now been replaced with excitement - I know it will be beautiful! You seem to be on our exact 'wavelength'.

I will definitely remember what you said, especially about 'running away'.
I really need to take the steps to make some changes. I would love to wake up in a beautiful place every day and spend my life doing something
I enjoy - thanks for inspiring me!"
~ Tina O., Bride
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Indian wedding couple.

Bride and groom on wedding boat.

Bride smiling at groom through window.

"Just wanted to thank you guys for everything. The decorations, flowers, cake, setting were all beautiful! We have gotten lots of compliments."
~ Melissa C., Bride
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