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Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette

America's etiquette authority presents an indispensable, comprehensive, and completely updated version of the classic guide to planning and personalizing your wedding, featuring new chapters on multicultural ceremonies, navigating expenses and legalities, planning commitment ceremonies, and more.

Only $19.95

Debrett's Wedding Guide: The Planning and Etiquette of a Modern Wedding

A wedding is one of the most complicated and emotionally-laden occasions you may ever have to organize. Now, in this updated edition of her standard guide, Jacqueline Llewelyn-Bowen takes you calmly and reassuringly through all the decisions, and in the order that you need to make them. From announcing your engagement; to invitations, food, flowers, and clothes; then on to the day itself, she will show you how to have the wedding of your dreams-on budget. Thoughtful, practical, and packed with information and ideas (including some sketches of original dress designs by Zandra Rhodes, Jacques Azagury, and Vivienne Westwood), this is a marvelous companion to weddings of all kinds and a great Modern Wedding Etiquette Guide.

Only $11.21

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Wedding Etiquette: Cherished Traditions and Contemporary Ideas for a Joyous Celebration

What makes a perfect wedding? "The bride and groom both look as though there were sunlight behind their eyes, as though their mouths irresistibly turned to smiles," wrote Emily Post in 1922's Etiquette. Great-granddaughter-in-law Peggy Post, author of the fourth edition of Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette, absolutely agrees with Miss Emily. To ensure those bright eyes and smiles, she imparts thoughtful and commonsensical advice on how to plan for not just your wedding, but for all the social and familial obligations and traditions that a wedding entails.

Throughout Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette are sidebars with questions asked of Post regarding an amazing array of wedding-related conundrums ("My daughter's fiancé wants to follow his family's tradition of having a money tree at the wedding. I personally find this distasteful; can I say so?"). This is a great book to find the answers for all those sticky questions. All involved in the wedding process should leaf through, get their bearings, smile, and then forge ahead.

Only $19.25

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Diane Warner's Contemporary Guide to Wedding Etiquette: Advice from America's Most Trusted Wedding Expert

You may be planning a totally laid back wedding on the beach, surrounded by a few close friends and family members, followed by an informal clambake "reception." Surprisingly, in spite of the relaxed setting and casual ceremony, if you want to avoid hurt feelings and damaged relationships, certain rules of etiquette must still be followed.

For example: * When you become engaged, which parents should be told first? * How do you choose an honor attendant when you can't decide between your sister and your best friend? * If your parents are involved in a bitter divorce and can't stand to be in the same room at the same time, should you invite both parents to your wedding?

This book includes advice for every aspect of the wedding-from the engagement period, the budget, and pre-wedding festivities to the legalities, the rehearsal, and, of course, the ceremony and reception. It also includes practical advice for second-time brides who want to include their children in the ceremony and for those couples wrestling with the pros and cons of prenuptial agreements.

Only $9.79

Wedding Etiquette Hell: The Bride's Bible to Avoiding Everlasting Damnation

Covering such wedding staples as attendants, invitations, registries, showers, the ceremony, the reception, and thank yous, Etiquette guru Jeanne Hamilton will give numerous examples of bad etiquette that should be avoided at all costs, such as:
-No bride owns the calendar. Insisting that everyone within your acquaintance had not dare schedule their wedding anywhere within a six month time period labels you as a classic Bridezilla.
-Sponsored wedding, at which vendors who donate their services are offered the opportunity to put their logos on various wedding related paper products.
-It is never wise to make bridesmaid offers while in the grip of fluttery, just-engaged emotions. You may have to rescind those offers later when you realize you were just a bit too hasty. Once having made the offer, it is extraordinarily ungracious to rescind it, unless you want a seething friend or sister using your engagement photo as a dartboard.
-Enclosing a blank deposit form for a bank account bearing the names of the bride and the groom with the invitation.
And much more!

This is a hilarious exploration of how weddings can literally drive people mad.

Only $9.77

Modern Wedding Etiquette: Essentials

Everything you need to know for the perfect day. This book is minimalist in its rules, but keeps everybody out of trouble, all of the time. It's the book to keep the wedding on track to become the memorable day that the bride wants. Not too stuffy but full of what is acceptable and not. The ideal book for any participant in a wedding.

Only $5.57

Getting Married When It's Not Your First Time: An Etiquette Guide and Wedding Planner

Any bride who's headed back to the altar faces a paralyzing number of tricky situations as well as the challenge of making this second or third (or more!) wedding unique in its own right. This enormously helpful guide, written by an experienced "encore" bride, features a wealth of inspiring suggestions for handling delicate etiquette issues and navigating complex family ties. With humor, warmth, and sensitivity to the many emotional and social issues facing encore brides and stepfamilies, Pamela Hill Nettleton blends her own valuable experiences with guidance from wedding planners, family therapists, couples who have remarried, and the real experts ' stepchildren. Here you'll find great tips on these and other remarriage issues:

* Telling your children ' and your ex ' you're engaged
* Inviting, seating, and dealing with exes, previous in-laws, and stepchildren
* Involving children in your ceremony
* Avoiding stepfamily ' and ex family ' wedding day disasters
* Using your wedding to build a healthy, loving stepfamily

Filled with real-world advice not found in most how-to wedding guides, as well as numerous worksheets to help you stay organized, this handy, easy-to-use guide will help any encore bride create a ceremony that reflects the joys and rewards of saying "I do" all over again.

Only $9.10

Wedding Etiquette for Divorced Families

Wedding Etiquette for Divorced Families covers everything from how to get all the names on the wedding invitation and arrange a harmonious seating plan to how to form a receiving line with four sets of parents and appropriate attire for everyone involved. Arranged in alphabetical order, this handy reference includes questions from real brides-to-be as well as the cautionary tales of brides who learned the hard way!

Only $10.47

The New Book of Wedding Etiquette

A mother-daughter team, the authors of Prima's How to Have an Elegant Wedding for $5,000, present the up-to-date answers to common as well as non-traditional questions for everyone planning a wedding.

Only $11.87

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