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Cheap Wedding Camera, Disposable Wedding Cameras, Cheap Disposable Wedding Camera

Wedding One Time Use 35mm Cameras
Pre-loaded with Superia X-TRA 800 film 4-second rechargable flash.
Package includes 4 custom-wrapped disposable wedding cameras with 15 exposures each.

Creme and gold ribbon wedding cake.

This disposable camera is perfect for capturing special moments on your wedding day.

Enjoy capturing some of the most memorable images from your reception with the help of your guests. Place a disposable camera on each table with a card explaining to your guest to take as many pictures as they wish!

bride and groom at wedding.

Blue aqua wedding cake.

Bride holding grooms wedding ring.

Bride and groom dancing.

bridal champagne bouquet.

It's a great inexpensive way to capture candid shots of your family and friends celebrating your marriage.

Availibilty: Usually ships in: 1-3 Business Days
Item Id: 457200

cream colored wedding bouquet.

Bride laying on bed.

Bride and groom's hands with wedding  rings.

Bride and groom at reception.

Fall color red wedding bouquet.

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