$10,000 Weddings of Your Dreams- a Beautiful Budget Wedding for Anyone

You can have your dream wedding and still put a down payment on a house!

planning $10000 wedding.It might seem unbelievable, but anyone can have a $10,000 wedding no matter the setting, location, or theme and décor. Probably no one wants to worry about their budget especially when it comes to the wedding, but it’s good to be reasonable about what is purchased for the big day. Starting married life in debt is nothing but stressful, so having a wedding on a budget is always recommended.

Planning Tips for a $10,000 Wedding

So how do you plan your $10,000 dream wedding? What you need to do is start early so you have time to shop for affordable options. You also need a detailed list of everything you need for your budget wedding; break this down into “must have” and “would like to have.” As you see your plans unfold, you can move some items back and forth. If you have money left for your budget wedding, you can move items from “would like to have” to the list of items you will have, and so on.

You’ll need to be careful about where you shop for your wedding for about $10,000. Check places like eBay and Craigslist for used or inexpensive items. It’s also good to shop for things like sales on wedding dresses at nearby stores; you’ll need to be checking constantly for these sales as they may not be advertised very well.

10000 wedding budget.Doing things yourself may also be necessary when you plan your $10,000 dream wedding. A wedding on a budget may mean making your own wedding favors, centerpieces, and even bouquets and items like these. You might also call on friends and family; they can contribute desserts and other edible items or help with decorating your venue.

A good plan and organizational skills will be necessary to pull off a stunning $10,000 dream wedding. Keep track of spending, and always ask for alternatives when meeting with the caterer, deejay, florist, venue, and so on. When something is too expensive, ask what else they can do for you. In this way your budget wedding will fit your plans while still being beautiful and memorable.

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