50th Wedding Anniversary Cake Toppers

50th anniversary cake toppers may be one of the most important elements of the event. It is the topping of the cake that many people will look towards to get a sense of what the couple is like. No matter how long you've been married, you have much cause for celebration and there are just as many say 20th or 30th anniversary cake toppers as there are for a 50th. If you are planning a wedding anniversary party for a loved one, be sure to select a cake topper that accurately resembles and showcases the lucky couple.

Materials Matter for Your 50th Anniversay Cake Top

One of the first considerations when looking at anniversary cake toppers is the material it is made form. For something elegant, select a porcelain topper with gold or silver trim around the edges. This can help to give that classy, top of the line look that anyone who has been married 50 years deserves to have. You can find a variety of characters and designs available with this look. Other options in material include plastics (the least expensive) and even glass.

Choose The Right Style of Cake Decoration

Another thing to consider when looking for options with anniversary cake toppers is the style. Do you want to have a couple featured at the top of the cake? A more common option is to use bells or hearts that frame the number "50" depicting the number of years together. There are many other options including swans, ruffles and feathers, beautiful heart shapes and of course couples standing together.

Choose The Right Budget

You may also want to consider the cost of the product you buy. For some anniversary cake toppers, you can expect to pay as little as $20. Others will be as much as several hundred dollars. The more high in quality the design is, the more expensive it will undoubtedly be. In particular, hand blown glass and real, gold trim will cost the most, but gives the most striking look, too.

There are many options for a 50th anniversary wedding cake topper. What is most important is to be comfortable with what you are offering to your loved ones. Choose something that represents them and their love for each other. You may also want to look for a topper that fits your budget as well.

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