Silk Artificial Arrangements and Fake Plants

Artificial plants have been developed more and more over time to look more and more like real plants, so they provide a great option for wedding plants. Artificial plants include silk flowers and plastic, man-made flowers. In modern engineering processes, the plastic is combined with other organic and synthetic ingredients to give them a more realistic look and even a real feel.

The stigma against using artificial plants for weddings is disappearing in this bad economy. These days, brides are willing to do almost anything to save money on their weddings. Using artificial plants for wedding arrangements is a great option for the cost-conscious bride to be. An arrangement made from artificial plants can be prepared months in advance of the wedding, so long as it is stored in a dust-free environment.

Artificial Plants for Your Wedding

Creme and gold ribbon wedding cake.

Artificial plants actually have several characteristics that make them a better choice over real flowers for some brides. For example, artificial plants are hypoallergenic, making them perfect for brides who are allergic to flowers. Even if you are not allergic to any plants, many of your guests could be, so artificial branch silk flowers would be an excellent alternative in that situation. Moreover, you will never have to worry about the artificial plants dripping water or dye on your expensive wedding gown. You’ll never have to remove the stamen from an artificial flower to keep it from staining your skin and clothing.

Artificial Single Star Brom/Orchid Combo

Pros and Cons of Using Fake Plants for Your Wedding

By now you are probably starting to get the idea that using artificial plants actually has its advantages, but you also should be aware of the potential disadvantages. One is that, of course, your guests might know that the flowers are not real, and some traditionalists could be disappointed. Avoid this possible downfall be only using artificial plants in the arrangements that your guests will not view up-close, such as the bouquets and the church altar arrangements. That way, no one will ever need to know you used silk petals and artificial flowers.

Use Topiaries and Ficus Trees with Lights

Artificial plants do not have to be limited to silk flowers only: they also provide options for other beautiful, lush foliage for your wedding and beyond. Think beyond the box and consider using faux trees arranged as topiaries or fake ficus trees for your wedding along with other artificial plants.

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