Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Toppers and Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

Today's bride wants a wedding that is personal and unique to her, and this includes even so-called minor details such as the bride and groom wedding cake toppers. Years ago, the only toppers you could choose were typically porcelain figurines, doves or bells. There simply was not that much variety.

Unique wedding cake toppers are now the norm at most weddings; you can find just about anything that suits you and your wedding's theme or tone. There are ones perfect for beach weddings, autumn weddings, formal events, and anything else you might imagine. So how to choose bride and groom wedding cake toppers that will work for you? Consider a few of the following tips.

Tone of the Wedding

Creme and gold ribbon wedding cake.

One thing you may notice about bride and groom wedding cake toppers is that there are some that are whimsical and casual, and even downright silly. There are some that have the groom trying to crawl down the cake and escape, or that have both wearing boxing gloves, or with one of the figures carrying a golf bag and looking at his or her watch.

These bride and groom wedding cake toppers are very fun and somewhat silly, but will this fit the tone or theme of your wedding? If you're having a formal reception in a country club then this might not be appropriate. Remember the tone of the wedding and the reception when shopping, and consider using these types of toppers for another event such as a shower or luncheon if you absolutely must have one.

bride and groom at wedding.

Mix and Match

One of the advantages of today's bride and groom wedding cake toppers is that you can purchase each figure individually, to mix and match them. This means they'll truly reflect the couple. This may be preferred for interracial couples, for those where one is in the military service, and so on.

Think of how you can purchase bride and groom wedding cake toppers so that they will provide a glimpse into your style and wedding theme. If you do this then your wedding details will be truly your own!

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